Not shocking news: Nats vs. MASN/Angelos decision delayed at least another month

MLB extends deliberations as MASN, Nationals said to be $70M apart on new rights dealSports Business Daily
Another delay in the “agreement” between the Washington Nationals and MASN, the cable channel primarily owned by Peter Angelos and the Baltimore Orioles? I haven’t been that surprised since the sun came up today.

The Nats shot for the moon, asking for $108 million in annual compensation. Good for them. MASN suggested a mere $35 million or so in compensation. The Orioles will get whatever the Nats get as part of the corrupt bargain.

It is certainly wishful thinking that this thing blow up in Angelos’ face, but that’s probably all it is. He’ll get paid one way or another. Still, the longer it goes, the better it may be for the Nats. The ratings are likely going up as the wins keep coming. I suspect MLB commissioner Bud Selig will grudgingly meet about half-way (a little lower since Selig values Angelos more than the overall baseball good) sometime in the fall. He drags things out which will be to the detriment of all involved.

In terms of really wishful thinking, I’d love to see some unsolicited (high) bids for the Nats TV rights start coming in. Obviously, Comcast SportsNet Washington would make sense. Since Angelos sent precedent for one team controlling another’s TV rights, how about a bid from the YES Network (owned by the New York Yankees) or NESN (owned by the Boston Red Sox)? That’d be fun, but I don’t see them going against Selig that way. A younger George Steinbrenner might have, but he’s gone.

I don’t think this round will go the Nats way as much as we’d like, but in five years, their could be different cast of characters and a lot more leverage for the team on South Capitol Street.

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