Nats: Let Teddy Win video from ESPN E:60 and a doubleheader today

Video: Ken Burns narrates and John McCain featured as ESPN E:60 profiles the Let Teddy Win movementLet Teddy Win
Ken Burns narration. Sen. John McCain and Theodore Roosevelt’s great-great grandson Winthorp testifying. Scott Abelman explaining the Let Teddy Win movement. E:60 gave Teddy never winning the Presidents Race the serious coverage it deserved. Here’s the video which you won’t have to sit through 50 minutes of non-Teddy segments to get to:

Good work all.

A real doubleheader for the Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers tonight. First game is at 4:05 p.m. NL East magic number is 10. A Nats weep clinches a play-in game berth at worst. Hopefully, getting those 10 wins, 10 Atlanta Braves losses or something in-between will be enough to Let Teddy Win.

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