I was busy last week doing various home improvement projects — now that’s a vacation! I haven’t blogged much about the Washington Nationals in that span, so I’ll try to catch up here. The magic number is 1 with 3 games to play. It seems like we’ve been in single digits for about a month. I’m getting nervous. Hopefully, John Lannan can shut the door on his all-time nemesis, the Philadelphia Phillies this evening and clinch D.C.’s first ever division title. It didn’t happen yesterday with Ross Detwiler on the mound against the St. Louis Cardinals, who play something like 30 miles from his hometown in Missouri.

I’d be okay with those Cardinals beating the Atlanta Braves too, I’m okay with the Nats backing into the title. Just get it done!

Saturday night was fun though, Michael Morse’s phantom grand slam was pretty awesome.


LivingSocial will sponsor any overtime Metro in the playoffs (The Post). I wondered if sponsorship was going to happen. They will make out very well on it, whereas the Lerners are still cheap as hell.

Politicians, the ultimate front-runners, are into the Nats. There are approximately a gross of these kinds of stories out there.

The CityPaper jumps on the Nats bandwagon. Really. What next, DCist? (Lemme know if that happens, they’ll probably mess up the players names)

The Sports Illustrated “Beltway issue” was really disappointing, especially the cover and the lack of “Nats are forced to subsidize the Orioles” mention, but the Davey Johnson profile was good, but isn’t online yet.

Sure, The Onion is living in 1990 with this story, but it is still kind of funny if you like dark humor.

The reaction by Phillies fans to Jayson Werth continues to be strange and amusing. That’s kind of stupid Gov. Rendell, but I still like you more than your successor. Werth also stole the Phillie Phantic’s keys. I’m sure there is an overwhelming desire to ruin the Nats season up there.


Yesterday was the 41st anniversary of the final Washington Senators game which I blogged about last year.

Saturday was the 8th anniversary of the announcement baseball was returning to D.C.

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