Redskins-Cowboys prediction and remembrances

Sunday night’s Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys game is big — the NFC East gets decided by the winner and the loser probably goes home. The Skins can still make the playoffs with a loss, but winning is much easier.

Here is look back at the rivalry over the years, as of about 2010:

NFL Films no longer thinks this is no longer a Top Ten rivalry which is kind of stupid. The second video on that link shows when they thought it was #1.

NFL Films also remembers a 1989 flag football game between alumni of the two teams. I’d love to see one of these regularly. I’ll expand upon that sometime, but wouldn’t it be great to see a bunch of old guys go after each other with Joe Gibbs and Jimmy Johnson on opposite sidelines?

Who Washington Nationals rookie of the year Bryce Harper is cheering for is one of the big questions for Sunday. He was wearing RGIII socks the other day. CONVERT BRYCE!

Darrell Green and Michael Irvin are friends (The Post).

Thomas Boswell is excited and cherry-picking stuff to predict a new golden era for D.C. in this rivalry (The Post).

By the way, if I was NBC, I’d start Sunday football with the NFL Films music from 0:25 of this video and show lots of clips of critical matchups over the year — “40 Men” speech, Sam Wyche’s “Die you dogs, die!” Kenny Houston tackling Walt Garrison, Clint Longley finding Drew Pearson, Roger Staubach finding Tony Hill in ’79, Dexter Manley KO’ing Danny White, Darrell Green catching Tony Dorsett, No Danny No, Troy Aikman to Rocket Ismail, Santana Moss comeback, Chris Cooley’s 3 TDs, etc.

Prediction — DC teams tend to let us down and I think the Cowboys will be smart enough to throw on Angelo Hall – because he’s got no D. At least, that’s why I’d do just keep throwing to Dez Bryant on Hall all night long. I expect Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris to play well, but I just have a feeling it won’t be enough. FedEx Field should be pretty loud though.


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