Nats: Bryce Harper did a better job than Jimmy Kimmel, but beat writers can’t agree on clown question

Washington Nationals Rookie of the Year Bryce Harper went on the Jimmy Kimmel Show last night and performed better than the host. They mostly bantered about being from Las Vegas, his call-up to the majors and of course, something we’ve all moved on from, “that’s a clown question, bro.” There was disagreement amongst the D.C. sports media on just how long it took for Kimmel to act like a clown:

I think Zuckerman won that round.

Since you went to bed rather than stay up for a couple of three minutes and change of Harper on Kimmel’s show, here’s the video in one player:

Apparently, the rest of Kimmel’s show was awful. Like “Harper’s hair” awful.

75 days until Opening Day

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