Virginia poised to offer Washington Nationals license plate

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s biggest cash cow is the sale of co-branded and vanity license plates.* Seemingly every university is represented as well as the Washington Redskins and Washington Capitals. Now, the Washington Nationals are in the process of having a Virginia plate. Here’s what the press release I got in my email a few minutes ago:

Before this new plate can be produced, 450 prepaid applications are needed from Virginia drivers who would like a Washington Nationals license plate for their vehicle. The cost of a Washington Nationals license plate will be $25 and a portion of the payments will support the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation.

Washington Nationals Virginia license plate

I’m probably done with themed license plates, but I’ll admit this looks a little tempting.

*This may not be entirely accurate, but it sure seems like it.

Let Teddy Win has some clever ones – New Nationals license plates invite “Curly W” wordplay

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