Nats pick up 80,000 followers on Facebook in one year, still last

Over the weekend, this Mashable post Major League Baseball: The Social Media Rundown went up and once again the Washington Nationals are last in Facebook likes.

In March 2012, I published a survey Ranking Facebook Likes for MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and MLS. Back then I noted that the Nats were last with 134,861 Facebook likes. Mashable says they have 215,000 now which is significant growth, over 80,000 new likes in about a year. That was a year of course that the Nats had the best regular season record in MLB. The order of the bottom five was static too. The Arizona Diamondbacks, the second to last team, picked up about 56,000 new likes, while the Miami Marlins gained about 70,000 likes to reach about 304,000. That the bottom three teams are among the newest in league (Nats 2005, Diamondbacks 1998 and Marlins 1993) isn’t terribly surprising. The Nats of course had the other disadvantage in building their fanbase because their regional rival, the Baltimore Orioles (owned by Peter Angelos) were given most of the Nats TV rights and kept the team off of most D.C. area cable systems for nearly two full seasons.

On the high end, the New York Yankees were the runaway winner with 6.3 million likes, over 1 million more than the previous year.

Of course, bragging about a team’s number of Facebook Likes is kind of stupid, like putting up an attendance champions banner. I doubt Oakland Athletics fans were upset about coming in 26th in Facebook Likes last year when their team reached the playoffs. This Nats fan wasn’t wishing there were more Facebook likes, but I thought it was interesting to look into last year. Since Mashable did it this year (at least a little bit), I’m glad I didn’t spend the time counting all this up.

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