After a good weekend in Pittsburgh and a day off yesterday, the Washington Nationals are scheduled to host the defending American League champion Detroit Tigers. Rain is forecast throughout the day, so this may be a tough one to get in.

To learn more about the Tigers, I brought in my former neighbor J.J. who moved to Michigan when we were kids. He is a big Detroit sports fan now – we’ve previously done a Q&A about the Lions.

WFY: After another pennant that was followed by a sweep, how have the Detroit Tigers played this season? Any hangover from last year?

JJ: The Tiger’s hit a slight ‘bump in the road’ early on in Anaheim, but have bounced back to win 9 of their last 10

WFY: Is Justin Verlander going to pitch in the series?

JJ: Although I was hoping for the Verlander/Strasburg matchup, JV will not be pitching VS the Nats this week (even though I’d probably consider Zimmerman your ‘Ace’ thus far . . .

WFY: The Nats apparently made a run at Prince Fielder before he signed with the Tigers. Has he started regressing to the “old player skills” portion of his career or is he still a superstar?

JJ: 2013 stats : 8 HR – 32 RBI – 301 average – 428 OBS . . not too shabby

WFY: Do you expect playing in a National League ballpark to be a problem for the Tigers lineup?

JJ: I expect a competitive series all around

WFY: Where do the Tigers rank in the Detroit sports scene?

JJ: The Lions will always be the ‘Detroit’ team . . the Wings have the hockey fans spoiled after 22 straight playoff appearances . . I’d put the Tiger’s as a solid 2 in the Detroit team rankings . .

WFY: Did you make it out to old Tiger Stadium? What was that like? How do you like Comerica Park?

JJ: I attended the last game at Tiger’s Stadium and the first game at Comerica . . Tiger’s stadium was ‘old school’ but had a certain charm to the entire place. Too bad it’s now and empty field . . . the flagpole in center field the only thing left. I have a pic someplace that I’ll send you . .

WFY: Is there a signature food and beer at Comerica or is it the standard macro beer that most stadiums have now? can you get a Stroh’s in Comerica?

JJ: Detroit is known for their Coney’s and you can get them at the park. There are a few micro beers that can be had, but mostly Miller Lite for this Tigers fan . . or the occasional ½ pint of Beam concealed in the back pocket J

WFY: Where do you get your Tigers coverage?

JJ: Fox Sports televises all Tigers games w/ the exception of nationally televised games of course.

WFY: What about the broadcasters, how have the post-Ernie Harwell years been to the viewer and listener?

JJ: Rod Allen (former player) and Mario Impemba are the local broadcast guys.

Don’t know if I ever told you, but Ernie Harwell lived 4 houses up from my parents house when they lived in Farmington Hills. Awesome guy !! Mario and Rod are entertaining, but Ernie was truly one of a kind!

WFY: True or false – “Born and raised in South Detroit” is an awful lyric.

JJ: Truth be told . . there is no “South Detroit” . . .

WFY: Who wins the series and the season series? I say they split the 2 game series this week and again here in Detroit.

JJ: Then the Tiger’s win the series (finally) over the Nats : 4-2

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