Last time I wrote about our local & regional craft brewing scene on August 7, I noted that Oktoberfest beers were imminent and sure enough:

Even Starbucks waiting until after Labor Day to sell pumpkin spiced lattes.

Last year’s Oktoberfset recap may be instructive for how you go about you local Oktoberfest shopping.

Flying Dog got started with their Dogtoberfest on August 22. Port City, August 28. Old Ox, the 26th. I guess the whole 8th month thing is their defense.

To their credit, Corcoran is waiting until later in September.

The only local ‘fest I’ve seen so far is Port City, so that’s why I’m using last year’s photo. I’m hoping to find some Rhinofest soon and try Oxtoberfest. See any of them? Let me know!

Now, if only the Nationals would stick around long-enough for October this year. Ooof. The Nationals Park beer map is still worth your time for the last few weeks of the season. There needs to be Verizon Center and FedEx Field beer maps too.

Oh and I’m indifferent to pumpkin beers, as is, it seems.

A few fests near you

September 20 – Heurich House, D.C.
September 26 – Lovettsville
September 27 – Hoppy Oktoberest, Mad Fox, Falls Church
October 3 – my hometown of Vienna
October 3 – Capital City Mid-Atlantic, Shirlington
October 10-11 – Reston

There is a more extensive list on and when the CityPaper & Post get listicles up, I’ll come back and link to them. For the entire commonwealth of Virginia check out, the tourism bureau’s site. It seems odd to say without being sarcastic, but they do listicles really well.

Is DC Brau ripping off

Uh, I’ve seen that logo before, DC Brau:

Since crowd-sourced rankings are vitally important

Port City won the CityPaper Reader Poll with DC Brau the runner-up and 3 Stars bronze.

Post Express
is running a drinking poll as well which leads off with breweries.

A new brewery? NO WAY

New District Brewing Company is now operating and situated near the eastern terminus of the W&OD bicycle trail around Shirlington. Surely, they’ll be added to the W&OD bike & brew map somebody put up on GitHub. New District is the figuratively first new packaging brewery in the history of Arlington County. The last time there was a packaging brewery, 1916, the county was still called Alexandria.

Portner Brewhouse

While generally focusing on packaging breweries an occasional brewpub gets a mention, especially if it is down the street from me. First mentioned back in 2011, the Portner Brewhouse is expected to open in 2016 (Red Brick Town). It is being started up by the great-granddaughter of Robert Portner who brewed beer in Alexandria until 1916. Portner was innovative in creating refrigeration to brew lager. Soon, the name will be restored to Alexandria on the West End. An extensive history from the City of Alexandria in PDF form.

New tasting rooms for 3 Stars, Atlas

3 Stars Brewing Company Will Upgrade and Enclose Its Tasting Room

None of this would have been possible just a few years ago. When 3 Stars first opened in 2012, they couldn’t even sell pints on premise. But changes to D.C. legislation have allowed breweries to build more traditional bars. Even more recent updates to local regulations allow breweries to apply for outdoor seating permits, just like restaurants and bars. 3 Stars plans to take advantage of that soon.

I visited Atlas in March.

These breweries (and distilleries) are turning old office/light industry parks into happening places:

What brings them to these seedy office parks on Bladensburg Road and West Virginia Avenue NE, to the edge of the universe, to industrial strips dotted with dollar stores and a medical supply outlet and body shops? Beer, of course. But also Uber. Bike fever and the Metropolitan Branch Trail. Boredom with the beige sameness of downtown’s rooftops and patios. Wanderlust. And sometimes, a party bus.

Loudoun’s Ale Trail

So, is this agri-tourism? There is fun to be had in Northern Virginia exurbs.

The official LoCo Ale Trail site is great except for “LoCo.” I’m not a fan of MoCo either. Let’s hope we never FairCo or ArCo either.

The Twitter list

I’ve compiled a twitter list of all the D.C., and Northern Virginia regional breweries I could think of and maybe a few more. It’s hard keeping up with the scene as it expands.

Guest post?

Want to write about craft beer in D.C. or Virginia? let me know! I might even accept a Maryland suburbs/Annapolis post.


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