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I-95: 50 years ago, the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway and Delaware Turnpike opened

  On this day in 1963, a significant section of Interstate 95 was opened at the Maryland-Delaware border amid pageantry and 10,000 people that included President John F. Kennedy in one of his last public appearances. The Maryland portion, the Northeast Expressway, was 42 miles long from Baltimore County to the Mason-Dixon Line. Across the

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Movie: Dawn Strikes the Capitol Dome, 1936

“An impressionistic study of Washington, D.C., on a typical depression day. Includes shots of the Capitol Building, National Archives, Union Station, Arlington Cemetery, statues, British Embassy, Supreme Court, Lincoln Memorial, White House, downtown streets, and typical groups of people (shoppers, government employees, picnickers, tramps, etc.).” I saw this on Old Time D.C.’s Facebook group the

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