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District Drafts - Local beers at Nationals Park, Washington, D.C.

Local beer is a part of DC’s past and now it’s present and the Nats are helping

We are three years into the greater Washington D.C. brewing revival and things are going well. The Washington Business Journal covered it in a recent issue. With craft brewing boom, D.C.’s beer scene returns to its regional roots The one thing that today’s beer businesses have in common with the District’s brewers of old? A

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Nats TV rights: MLB trying to fix the Angelos problem

MLB seeks creative solution to MASN rights fees dispute between Nationals, Orioles – The Post After a long period of no news on the Washington Nationals television rights compensation some new information has come out: Hoping to find a solution to the dispute between the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles over the value of the

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12-12-12: DC Sports

On the twelfth minute of the twelfth hour of the twelfth day, let us celebrate some of the number 12’s who have played for D.C. pro teams. Peter Bondra, Washington Capitals 1991-2004 Alfonso Soriano, Washington Nationals 2006 Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins 2012 Okay, #11 was a little more impressive… Soriano photo from misschatter on flickr