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Nats all-time stats will blow your mind (not in a good way for the most part)

The Nats’ (updated) all-time stat leaders – Nats Insider Going all the way back to 2005, Mark Zuckerman compiled the Washington Nationals all-time statistical leaders. He provided this warning: WARNING: Reading these lists will elicit a wide range of emotions, from smiles to frowns to laughter to tears to sheer dumbfoundedness (and yes, I know

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Nats: Arbitration and ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

Arbitration run-down: everybody eligible except John Lannan and Michael Morse (Nationals Journal, The Post) have agreed to contracts. Payroll is up above $70 million. Neither of those guys needs to be locked-up long-term in my mind. Tyler Clippard returns with a one year deal. (Nats Insider) Newly acquired Gio Gonzalez will get $42 million through

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Nats: Prince Fielder to D.C.? Carpenter returning

There has been a lot of coverage on Twitter, blogs and even the national media about Prince Fielder joining the Washington Nationals. I have thought it over and still conclude that he’s a DH with looming early on-set “old player skills.” Would he help the 2012 Nats? Yes, but anything longer than a 5 year

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