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Nats vs. Yankees: My beige heart bleeds with neutrality

Has it already been three years? The New York Yankees are visiting the Washington Nationals this weekend. I am a fan of both, traditionally permissible because of the distinctly separate leagues in baseball that never played each other. Now, with interleague play configured as it is two teams can count on playing each other at

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Nats radio: Wondering out loud about the future of Charlie & Dave

UPDATED MAY 21, 2012: Nats: Charlie Slowes says he’s not in the final year of his contract Remember when Dave Jageler astutely noted that Bryce Harper might be looking to steal home about 10 days ago. Harper did and Jageler’s partner, Charlie Slowes breathlessly called it, even taking a few seconds to let the crowd

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Nats at home on July 4, why aren’t the Yankees, Phillies?

Today, the Washington Nationals host the Chicago Cubs at Nationals Park in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. Hosting a day game on Independence Day makes perfect sense for the Nats and I believe they have been assured of regularly having the honor. They should also get Opening day and Memorial Day at home annually too,

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