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Cut the cord? Not until the 2030s, Capitals, Wizards fans; MASN scores a victory against Nats, fans

Ted Leonsis and Comcast make a deal for the Capitals and Wizards that lasts until 2032, while MASN continues its war on the Nats and Washingtonians

Nats: MASN, Werth, Harper, the dearly departed centerfield bat

No, I don’t blog much about the Washington Nationals anymore. I will let you figure out why. When I last checked in on the MASN dispute, I noted that “I am uncharacteristically happy about this news, I’m so used to it being bad for the Nats. However, it could still blow up because Selig’s track

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Nats apparently win arbitration with MASN, Angelos, Orioles

Major League Baseball Embroiled in Explosive Legal War Over TV Deals (Exclusive) – The Hollywood Reporter Over MLB Commissioner Bud Selig’s stern warning, the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles hurl accusations at each other and have stepped into open court spilling secrets. Break out the popcorn! The corrupt bargain that gave Peter Angelos and the

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