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UniWatch: DC is 14th best dressed sports city

Once again, Paul Lukas of UniWatch has ranked the uniforms of the big 4 sports leagues and is now organizing it by city. In the past, I’ve tabulated those rankings myself, so I’m glad he spared me the work. Lukas broke the rankings into two tiers — 3 or more team cities and 2 team

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Jim Bouton’s “Ball Four” was turned into a TV series featuring a Washington baseball team

New to me — through Mark Hornbaker’s Washington D.C. Baseball History Facebook group, I learned that Jim Bouton starred in a sitcom based on his book, Ball Four. Unlike the book that detailed his time on the Seattle Pilots, the team here is called the Washington Americans. The opening features a shot of RFK Stadium:

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It’s Ryan Zimmerman Mr. Walk-Off bobblehead night

It’s been a few weeks since Ryan Zimmerman hit his 10th career game-ending home run. It was followed the next day by retrospective blog posts and articles including this one about the originator of the term Mr. Walk-Off. Your browser does not support iframes. How Ryan Zimmerman got his ‘Mr. Walk-Off’ nickname – The Post

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