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Bob Flounders – The clock is ticking – Patriot-News Flounders thinks the Lions still have a shot at a bowl game. I agree, but then again, I did not think that Saturday’s loss was the end of the world either. Also see, THE PENN STATE HOT LIST. David Jones – Only problem with James? He

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On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!Plunge right through that line!Run the ball clear down the field,(originally “Run the ball clear ’round Chicago”)A touchdown sure this time. On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!Fight on for her fameFight! Fellows! – fight, fight, fight!We’ll win this game. On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!Stand up, Badgers, sing!“Forward” is our driving spirit,Loyal voices ring.On, Wisconsin! On,

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Buried in here is my first post about DC baseball

This was part of blog when it was powered by Blogger. It didn’t survive the transition to WordPress, but I restored it form a backup. Heather Dinich – High school sports a breath of fresh air – CDT I think my opinion on Dinich may be changing. Like most sportswriters (especially female) that cover the

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