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While it’s still up, watch Brothers in Exile about Livan and Orlando Hernandez

I finally caught “Brothers in Exile” the ESPN 30 for 30 on Livan and Orlando Hernandez. It mostly covers their defections from Cuba and first seasons in the majors which culminated in World Series championships for the Florida Marlins and New York Yankees, respectively. The rest of their careers are ignored, but ¡LIVAN! is wearing

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Nats: Ramos rescue, Phillies resistance, #1 farm system, E. Jackson signed, what of Lannan?

Lots of Washington Nationals news and comment as we slowly move closer to pitchers and catchers reporting. I wore a Nats cap today to work for the first time in a long while. First off, Wilson Ramos kidnapping in Venezuela is detailed in this week’s Sports Illustrated. Breaking this morning was the Nats plan to

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Nats all-time stats will blow your mind (not in a good way for the most part)

The Nats’ (updated) all-time stat leaders – Nats Insider Going all the way back to 2005, Mark Zuckerman compiled the Washington Nationals all-time statistical leaders. He provided this warning: WARNING: Reading these lists will elicit a wide range of emotions, from smiles to frowns to laughter to tears to sheer dumbfoundedness (and yes, I know

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