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Or Run Up the Score, PancakeCatapult and Penn State dad.

2012 Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles Q&A and prediction with @scrappled

The penultimate game of the 2012 Washington Redskins regular season is this Sunday in Philadelphia against the Eagles. As always, for the second meeting of the year, I bring in @scrappled to talk about his beloved Iggles. You may remember him from the 17 different blogs he’s run over the years and his many appearances on this site.

WFY: So, if the Eagles do the unthinkable and fire Reid, Philly sports radio meatheads are going to be getting in fights with each other over which one of Buddy Ryan’s sons to hire, aren’t they?

@scrappled: Possibly, but we know this ends with Rich Kotite, Jr. taking the job in mid-January.

WFY: In all seriousness, what in the name of John Spagnola happened to the “dream team” that is a few games under .500 since the 2011 season? Was Philly foolish to go all in on Michael Vick?

@scrappled: Name it, and it’s gone horribly wrong. The defense has been awful for any variety of reasons. The defensive backs can’t cover or tackle. The sacks piled up by Jason Babin and Trent Cole have completely disappeared. Andy Reid refuses to lean on LeSean McCoy’s talents. Special teams are terrible. They’re seriously not a good football team in any part of the game. The Eagles are essentially one notch above the Jaguars.

WFY: What are the Eagles strengths, where could they cause trouble for the ‘Skins?

@scrappled: Alex Henery kicks a hell of a field goal. That’s about all.

WFY: Rookie quarterbacks are awesome! I’m just going to assume that Nick Foles has been a revolutionary superstar that has motivated the team to success no one believed they had in them, right?

@scrappled: Dead ringer for Napoleon Dynamite when he has his helmet on. In all seriousness, he hasn’t been bad considering that McCoy’s been out of the lineup for the past few weeks. The offensive line has lurched toward occasional competence lately, as well. Put it this way, I’m intrigued. I don’t look at the guy and think that there’s no way he can play at this level.
WFY: If Santa Claus makes an appearance at the game, will he be booed?

@scrappled: It’s tradition, man. If Santa shows up at a pediatric cancer ward, he gets booed.

WFY: What if it turns out the man wearing the Santa suit is…Buddy Ryan?

@scrappled: He’d probably try to choke one of his elves, thinking it’s Kevin Gilbride.

WFY: What are your best/worst Eagles-Redskins memories?

@scrappled: It has to be the infamous Body Bag Game, right? Anytime Brian Mitchell is forced to play quarterback, the world wins.

WFY: I understand from a previous Q&A that the owner’s now-ex wife was a proponent of the midnight green look. Is there any talk that a return to the true Eagles look of kelly green and silver happening? Seems like the end of the Reid era would be a great time to go back.

@scrappled: Doubtful. The owner isn’t exactly the type of guy who celebrates the franchise’s history, and that old shade of green isn’t something you see much in modern uniforms as the primary color. Loving that ketchup/mustard look for the Skins, though!

WFY: Which team do you think has a brighter future, the Eagles or Redskins?

@scrappled: Oh God, the Redskins by a mile. The Eagles have so much work to do in so many areas. They have to figure out what’s up with Foles, rebuild the offensive line, and completely change the defensive philosophy after the dumpster fire of the past two years.

WFY: Now that I have aggressively trolled your Iggles (thank you transcendent rookie QB and his quality backup!) have I jinxed the Redskins or are the Eagles just so committed to quitting on Andy Reid that it doesn’t matter? Who wins on Sunday?

@scrappled: The Eagles will be spunky for a total of 15-20 minutes during the game. That’s about all. Unless the Skins just blatantly give the Eagles two or three touchdowns via turnovers or special teams, it should be a comfortable win.

WFY: P.S. How much do you miss blogging?

@scrappled: Not for one single minute, at least not for a site that gets a million page views per month. I’m better off creating a Tumblr for Harrisburg sushi joints than ever going back to the admin/mod life.

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2011 Redskins at Eagles Q&A and prediction with @scrappled

The last guest prognosticator of 2011 is @scrappled of Black Shoe Diaries, a Philly sports fan. He’s been here before. Let’s get it on!

WFY: If Michael Vick fought and executed your puppies would you favor irrevocable…Okay, that’s OLD news since Vick went to the Pro Bowl last year and signed a big contract so he’s a good person again, right? How has he done this season, a 7-8 season?

@scrappled: Okay, I suppose. The Eagles massively screwed up by not bolstering their offensive line, which leads to the evasive but undersized Vick taking too many shots. Not to mention, Vick has no idea how to slide. Bambi on ice is more graceful than a Michael Vick hook slide.

WFY: 7-8? D.C. was into falling flat after being OFFSEASON CHAMPIONS way before Philly. Is the clock running out on head coach Andy Reid? Does he still run a worse two minute drill than Penn State and its
3-tiered play calling (of the past, I guess)?

@scrappled: I’d be shocked if Reid didn’t return. For as much as we love to hate our head coaches, Reid is one of the best in the NFL when it comes to weekly preparation. Game management? Ugh. Nightmare.

WFY: Where do the Redskins/D.C. fall in terms of Eagles/Philly rivalries?

@scrappled: I’ve always viewed them as interchangeable, although I suspect thousands of Philly fans would disagree. To me, the level of hate corresponds with the success of rivals at that particular time. If the Redskins were a constant playoff presence, they’d be higher on the list.

WFY: Do you watch Eagles games with the sound turned down and the radio turned up?

@scrappled: Oh, how I wish. I don’t get the Merrill Reese radio broadcast in my house, so I’m usually stuck with whatever garbage announcing crew Fox forces upon me.

WFY: Who are the standouts for Eagles media coverage?

@scrappled: Bleeding Green Nation and Iggles Blog are both excellent, and the traditional Inquirer/Daily News guys on Philly.com have always been good. We’re lucky in the sense that our beat writers and columnists are generally of high quality. The local sports radio? Yeah, not so much. Idiots leading idiots.

WFY: Of the 4 major Philly teams, which one winning a championship would mean more to you? To the city/region?

@scrappled: Oh, it has to be the Eagles, especially with the Phillies breaking the urse a few years ago. Only with the Phillies’ recent success has baseball crept into a virtual tie with football in the region’s heart. But over the course of time? It’s a football city.

WFY: I’ve heard that an upstart, the roast pork sandwich, is challenging the cheesesteak for gastronomical supremacy in the city of brotherly love. I finally had the latter at a Tony Luke’s in Sea Isle City and enjoyed it, but not as much as the former. Which side are you on?

@scrappled: I’m with you, cheesesteaks now and forever. And you know what? I don’t even care who makes it. I try to avoid Pat’s and Geno’s as a matter of convenience, but I’m not a cheesesteak elitist.

WFY: Based on all the time I’ve been around Philly fans, I know you guys want to be told by a Washingtonian how the Eagles uniforms should look. That crushes the current kit every day of the week and twice on Sunday, doesn’t it?

@scrappled: Totally. Love the old Kelly Green. I don’t hate the newer look quite
as much as you, but it’s hard to beat that classic kit.

WFY: Since the Skins and Iggles always split and the road team usually wins how sad are you going to be when the inevitable happens?

@scrappled: Over it. Don’t care. The difference between 7-9 and 8-8 means
nothing to me with our longshot chances of a division title being dashed by the inept Jets, so let’s get the higher draft pick. Die, Eagles, Die!

WFY: On the wings of mediocrity? I-G-G-L-E-S!

I’m going with the burgundy and gold here, they always split the series. Let’s say 23-14

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Caps: Reactions to NHL relaignment from rival fans

The NHL’s decision to realign into 4 conferences with the Washington Capitals being placed into a conference with former Patrick Division rivals was welcomed enthusiastically by D.C. fans like me. Being assigned into the same conference as the New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers, New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers, and Pittsburgh Penguins is something Caps fans have been waiting for since the Southeast Division was created. Simply put D.C. fans don’t get fired up for playing South Florida, Atlanta or Tampa Bay like they due New York and Philadelphia. The Carolina Hurricanes also come along from the SE.

I was able to get comments from fans of the Flyers, Penguins, Hurricanes and as of December 22, an Islanders fan. Here is what they had to say:


Chris Grovich, Philly sports fan and editor of Black Shoe Diaries:

I could take or leave the Hurricanes, but otherwise I think it’s a fantastic move by the NHL. As a selfish Flyers fan, it preserves most everything we want. Great to have the Caps back in the group. Washington is a mid-Atlantic/northeast city, and they belong in that kind of division for hockey. The NBA can keep doing whatever they’re doing, mostly because they’re stupid and irrelevant.


Sam B., The Maryland Bureau Chief Emeritus:

My thoughts are that I am in favor of it. This new format is similar to the Patrick Division which featured the Pens, Isles, Devils, Rangers, etc. I admit that I was concerned by some of the realignment talk that had the Pens joining the southeast division. I think the Pens have a great rivalry with the Caps, but there is no spark with the hurricanes, panthers or lightning. I am especially delighted with the new playoff format. I think its good for these teams to have rivalries intact and hopefully become even stronger.

Muha, La Coupe Hauxer Pengyunz “governor”:

1. Geographically, it makes sense, and it does keep a number of traditional rivalries intact. As you stated on the blog, now it evens out the entire La Coupe Hauxer quite nicely, and should all the teams make it into the playoffs, we could sort of change up the format a bit and tie outcomes based on seeding and finish.

2. Oddly enough, this opens up the possibility for expansion in the “C” and “D” Conferences. I’m not sure how scheduling 32 teams over 82 games will work in this capacity (that might beg to expand the schedule a little further, especially since there are some instances where some teams get a week off between games). If that’s the case, if Winnipeg can get the Jets back, who’s to say that the Whalers can’t return to Hartford, and there have been rumors that the league has wanted to move the Houston Aeros up from the AHL for years. It might even get the Balsillie monkey of Bettman’s back.

3. Going back to the rivalries, that was a major concern for a lot of fans when the talk of realignment began this summer. One of the biggest rumors was the entire East was going to be shuffled into something unrecognizable, especially since it included bringing Detroit in. I mean, if you go back to the “Original Six”, yeah, they’re part of the “West”, but that was already thrown out the window after the (now) Jets came in and took the Leafs with them. It really doesn’t make sense to make moves that affect such “traditions”, plus, it’s just weird.

4. Now to the next point: NAMING. I think one of the worst things the league did was abolish the “traditional” division/conference names back in the late ’90s. It’s what set the NHL apart from every other “major” sports league for a long time due to the unique nature of hockey. That needs to be brought back. Sure, geography can be helpful, and it’s more of an American thing, but hockey is clearly NOT an American thing, at least at its roots.


Adam P., Hurricanes season ticket holder and Western Pennsylvania expatriot:

I’m actually excited about having the return to the divisional playoff format under the new alignment. The Southeast Division never had any real rivalries because 1) the division was never good enough to get multiple teams into the playoffs often. Southeast teams never faced each other in the playoffs. 2) The Caps were more often than not focused on their old divisional rivals. So the opportunity for the Canes to have real division rivals is great. Unfortunately, the concern of many down here is that the team will not be able to compete with the bigger market and highly competitive teams within the new division. The hope is that this will serve as a wake up call to management in the style of player an money given to a player to be competitive and make the playoffs.

I grew up with the Patrick Division so this is almost like being a kid again. In the divisional format, you really learn to hate a team…not just hate a team but HATE a team. I think it will be good for the newer Canes fans to experience it. It’s a shame that feeling never developed within the old division.

Be sure to check out Adam’s flickr stream for lots of quality hockey photos.


Some dissent to realignment from Long Islander Devon Edwards of Onward State

I’m not old enough to remember the Islanders as anything but an Atlantic Division team, so the historical basis has zero appeal and the opportunity to be playing the Hurricanes and Capitals more isn’t particularly exciting, either. But really, the big concern is with the playoff structure. For a team that’ll be on the bubble, it’s harder to break through with the established contenders in our divisions. It’s easier to contend for an 8-seed now than it will be to fight for a 4-seed in the future. I don’t think the league or playoff structures were broken, and so I’m apprehensive about a unnecessary massive overhaul. Especially one that only serves to diminish the Islanders shot at contention in the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get commentary from the Devils fan I know, so I had to go with this:

I don’t know any Rangers or Islanders fans, so no comments from them.

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2011 Penn State football beat writers, bloggers and their predictions

Penn State Beaver Stadium Press Box
This year, rather than just list the beat writers predictions like I did in past years, I figured I’d take it a step farther. I have compiled all the reporters on the Penn State Nittany Lions football beat and linked to their outlet, their blog (if applicable) and their twitter account. I have also included some bloggers who are in the press box as well. Generally speaking, I organized this list on the location of the media property in alphabetical order. Some of them, I know better than others. Oh and many/most of the predictions come from The Altoona Mirror story Most media looking at 7 or 8 wins this year. Other predictions come from Town & Gown’s Penn State Football Annual which FINALLY arrived on Wednesday.

The Morning Call (Allentown)
Mark Wogenrich @MarkWogenrich has been cover the Nittany Lions for quite a while. Bill Kline, sports editor, runs a blog called Nittany Lines which Wogenrich also contributes too.


The Altoona Mirror
A “mouth from the South” Cory Giger @cgiger has earned his critics for being abrasive. His own description: “About me: I’m a 37-year-old Arkansas native who has lived in Altoona for 11 years, and I’ve been in the newspaper business for 18 years. I’m the Mirror’s Penn State and Altoona Curve beat writer and columnist, as well as a longtime movie and pop culture columnist.”

I think Neil Rudel @NeilRudel has been on the beat since the 1970s. Some people aren’t crazy about him, but I’ve never had an issue. Rudel and Giger (and sometimes sports editor Phillip Cmor) do videos after pressers and games.

TOWN & GOWN FOOTBALL ANNUAL: Giger 7-5 Rudel 8-4

The Patriot-News/pennlive.com (Harrisburg)
Bob Flounders @sportswriter7 enters his 10th season as the lead beat-writer and is one of the better ones, though he certainly has his critics who think he is always negative about Penn State. David Jones @djoneshoop, who leans contrarian, covers the opponent during the week and writes columns. Remember everyone, Jones, the Ohio State grad hated Jim Tressel, but not Penn State — he hates The Maryland Bureau Chief Emeritus, Sam though. Jones gets credit for calling out bad Big Ten officials Dave Witvoet and Dick Honig. Dustin Hockensmith @PN_Dustin Generally an editor, but also a Tuesday panelist on the P-N videos with Flounders. He never wrote a column in The Collegian about yearning to throw water bottles in the student section like his brother did either. There is also a @psufootball account run by pennlive.com. The three of them take turns doing videos, one after the presser on Tuesday with Flounders and Hockensmith and a post-game one with Flounders and Jones which are just yuckfests. I’m guessing they are hysterical on Friday nights at whatever Appleby’s they happen to be at before Lions road games. Flounders also does chats on Tuesdays, Jones does sometimes too.


Flounders makes a habit of giving different predictions to different publications.

Lancaster Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era
Mike Gross appears to write a few Penn State stories during the week, but AP seems to be used a lot too.

The Inky/Philly Daily News (Philadelphia)
“Joe Juliano This coming fall will be Joe’s fourth season on the paper’s Penn State beat. He previously covered the Nittany Lions for United Press International from 1976 to 1984.” Intern Jake Kaplan @JakeMKaplan contributes as well, including over at


Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh)
Ron Musselman @rmusselmaensburg is an alum, but the Post-Gazette has a tendency to frame too much of its coverage around the dormant Penn State-Pitt rivalry. The columnists tend to pile on when the Lions are going through a tough spot, but jump on the bandwagon when Penn State is good. I gave up on reading them years ago, so maybe it’s better.


The Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh/Greensburg)
Student Audrey Snider @audsnyder4 files a number of the stories for this section but has protected tweets which is kind of stupid for a journalist. Columnist John Harris @jharris_trib also contributes some but is not much of a presence on twitter.


The Reading Eagle
Rich Scarsella @nittanyrich is the dean of the beat and an alumnus. He annually gets a Q&A with Joe Paterno for Town & Gown Football Annual. Blog: Penn State Update


Centre Daily Times (State College)
Jeff Rice has been on the beat for over 5 years, but I don’t think I can find a twitter account for him. He has a blog Asides of Rice Unlike most beat writers, he also writes columns regularly. Sports editor Walt Moody also contributes to the coverage.


Fight On State (Scout.com)
Mark Brennan @MarkXBrennan (Hazleton native, I think) joined Fight On State when it started up as part of scout.com after many years at Blue White Illustrated. He does radio and television as well. FOS has lots of recruiting news which I don’t follow and premium content for subscribers.


Blue White Illustrated (Rivals.com)
Phil Grosz‘s Blue White Illustrated @BWIonRivals affiliated itself with Rivals a while back. Lots of recruiting news which I don’t follow and premium content for subscribers. Nate Bauer natebauerbwi is the regular beat writer. The season preview issue is free and of course, recruiting-centric. Matt Herb is another one of the writers over there.

ALTOONA MIRROR PREDICTIONS: Grosz 10-2 (only 10-2?!) Herb 8-4

Another premium site, though Sean Fitz @seanfitz247 did break the Rob Bolden starting game 1 story.


The Collegian
Joe McIntyre @JoeMcIntyre5 is the year’s lead Collegian football writer. There is also Footblog. Ryan Loy ryan_loy and Mike Still are also on the football staff.

COLLEGIAN PREDICTIONS: McIntyre 8-5 Loy 10-3 Still 8-5 — good for them in including a bowl game in their predictions.

The Times Tribune Scranton
Just a hunch, but if you want coverage of Matt McGloin, Donnie Collins @psubst will probably have the most of any newspaper.


Times-Leader Wilkes-Barre
If memory serves, Derek Levarse @TLdlevarse was a Collegian beat writer before moving to the Times-Leader.

York Daily Record
Frank Bodani @YDRPennState has been on the beat a loooong time. I probably haven’t been reading him enough. There is also a a blog where he hosts a chat on Monday nights.


Genaro Armas @GArmasAP is the AP bureau in State College. You can find his content all over the web.


Kevin McGuire is the national college football writer and Penn State writer for Examiner.com and posts at a baker’s dozen of other blogs, mostly about Penn State and Philadelphia sports. He has about 26 twitter handles, but go with @PSUExaminer


Black Shoe Diaries
The “Voltron of Penn State blogs” BSD is under new management and has two accredited bloggers for the season. Ben Jones @Ben_Jones88 will be in the press box and Mike Pettigano @Mike Pettigano will be shooting photos on the field. Other BSD bloggers on twitter:

Chris Grovich @scrappled
Kevin Powers @thefolkist
AdamCollyer @AdamCollyer
Jeff Junstrom @EpicTripod
Tim Aydin @HappyHourValley
Eric Gibson @BSD_Eric
Peter Gray @RunTheDive
Kyle Martin @KMart93
Nick Blonde @1600doctorb
Galen Sawyers @TheNittanyLine


Todd Irwin (Altoona Mirror-Record) ALTOONA MIRROR PREDICTION: 8-4
Bill Albright (ESPN Williamsport) ALTOONA MIRROR PREDICTION: 8-4
Todd Brown (QWIK Rock 105.9/106.9) ALTOONA MIRROR PREDICTION: 10-2
Jon Christoff (The Clearfield Progress-Register) ALTOONA MIRROR PREDICTION: 8-4
Earl Whitmore (Lebanon Daily News-Record) TOWN & GOWN FOOTBALL ANNUAL PREDICTION: 9-3

My prediction:

9-4 - They only have a 10% chance against Alabama and I have to expect them to lose to Iowa until proven otherwise. I think they drop two in November during the Nebraska, Ohio State, Wisconsin stretch. They’ll win the bowl game.

PREVIOUS SEASONS: 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 – I think I skipped 2010 for some reason

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