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Don’t get your hopes up for a D.C. All-Star Game

The Nationals want to host a future all-star game in Washington – The Post If you are hoping for the All-Star Game to come to D.C. be prepared to wait because I’m convinced it isn’t coming soon, even though it hasn’t been here since 1969. Twenty-six cities have hosted the all-star game since RFK Stadium

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Bryce Harper hits 24 in Home Run Derby for 2nd place

Your browser does not support iframes. Best viewed on mute Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper finished in 2nd place in the Home Run Derby (which still has a broken countdown). Harper was pitched to by his dad which was a dream come true (The Wash. Times). His spiked hair and his brother Bryan’s mustache (Nats

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MLB’s Home Run Derby countdown clock doesn’t know what day it is

While writing my post Bryce Harper in 2013 Home Run Derby; Harmon Killebrew vs. Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays in the 1960 TV version (videos of Killer vs. Mickey & Willie!) I noticed that the Home Run Derby countdown clock has a little issue: I took a screenshot with my system clock beside it. The

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