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Nats sweeping Red Sox in Boston is great, but it is still only June

The Washington Nationals sweeping anybody is great and when it is on the road against the Boston Red Sox, so much the better. Going into Fenway Park and serving notice to a nearly dynastic team (and bringing along a lot of fans) is a welcome change from the tough times of the last half decade.

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Nats: Ramos rescue, Phillies resistance, #1 farm system, E. Jackson signed, what of Lannan?

Lots of Washington Nationals news and comment as we slowly move closer to pitchers and catchers reporting. I wore a Nats cap today to work for the first time in a long while. First off, Wilson Ramos kidnapping in Venezuela is detailed in this week’s Sports Illustrated. Breaking this morning was the Nats plan to

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Nats: Prince Fielder to D.C.? Carpenter returning

There has been a lot of coverage on Twitter, blogs and even the national media about Prince Fielder joining the Washington Nationals. I have thought it over and still conclude that he’s a DH with looming early on-set “old player skills.” Would he help the 2012 Nats? Yes, but anything longer than a 5 year

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