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Nats: Let Teddy Win video from ESPN E:60 and a doubleheader today

Video: Ken Burns narrates and John McCain featured as ESPN E:60 profiles the Let Teddy Win movement – Let Teddy Win Ken Burns narration. Sen. John McCain and Theodore Roosevelt’s great-great grandson Winthorp testifying. Scott Abelman explaining the Let Teddy Win movement. E:60 gave Teddy never winning the Presidents Race the serious coverage it deserved.

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Nats: Catching up to the Bryce Harper era, two days later

I go away for a family wedding (and sun, surf, food & drink, etc.) on the Grand Strand (more to come) and it gets a little exciting in Natstown. Or at least on Washington Nationals first western road trip of the season. I thought the timing of my spring break and that trip were ideal,

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