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Guido D’Elia is gone from Penn State!

Penn State Marketing “Guru” Guido D’Elia Let Go – Black Shoe Diaries We found out today that Guido D’Elia, who was in charge of Football Communications and Branding for Penn State football, is GONE! @FightonState tweeted this great news. Hopefully, this means the end of “theme games” like tie-dye day and piped in music like

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New Penn State football jerseys are official

The news that Penn State drop the attractive trim on Nittany Lions football jerseys is, unfortunately, official. Spider Caldwell explains it in this video: I disagree with the decision, because the contrasting trim made the jerseys look better. The new jerseys look cheap. Previously, Guido D’Elia was taking credit for these “throwbacks.” His name is

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