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Stan Kasten surely approves: Nats switching to same hot dog vendor as Phillies

O NOZZZZ! The Washington Nationals are apparently switching to the same hot dogs as the Philadelphia Phillies. TAKE BACK THE PARK HAS PHAILED!1!!!!1 Stan Kasten must have done it before he quit. Why didn’t you stop it Andy Feffer?! Selling Phillies hot dogs isn’t NATITUDE1!!!!!1 Based on the newly released 2013 Nats promotional schedule, it

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Nationals Park Media Day: Victory Knot is not so much a pretzel, but a dare

WASHINGTON, D.C. — This gourmet sea salt covered pretzel is one of the new food items previewed at Nationals Park media day yesterday. It comes in at two pounds and comes with several spreads, like beer cheese which is quite good, and an Orwellian nickname. I imagine there will be several bets placed on whether

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