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I-95/395: bad news?; I-66: good news

I-95/395 Toll Lanes, Wider I-66 Approved – The PostTwo expansion projects have been approved for Northern Virginia highways: express toll lanes on Interstates 95 and 395   I am skeptical of HOT lanes and downright against leasing public roads to private companies, something Sun columnist Jay Hancock described as “transforming public utilities into private monopolies.”

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Get on your bikes and ride! Vol. 2 – I-66 Custis Trail

Following Interstate 66 in Arlington, the I-66 Custis Trail is a challenging course between East Falls Church and Rosslyn. Since I-66 is mostly built below street level, the trail has varying gradients to accommodate the bridges over the highway, with the trail tending to rise into the overpass. This easily creates the best short workout

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