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TODAY, AT 3:05 P.M., OUR DREAM IS REALIZED How many years have we waited for this day? Finally, after so much waiting and so many disappointments, a team representing Washington will play a real major league game. I plan on being there with WWN Associate Editor Fritz Hamme and WWN Ombudsman Matthew J. Clifford. For

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District Skeptical On Financing Deals – The PostNone of the private financing options seem to get the council too excited, so it looks like the District may pay for the ballpark. More from The Wash. Times: Ballpark private funding criticized More from The Post’s Steven Pearlstein – Ballpark Finance Requires Clear Thinking Former Barry aide

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Marion Barry on the Nats side

Barry objects to deal for Angelos – The Wash. TimesThis is an awkward situation to be in, but Marion Barry (D, Ward-8) and I are in agreement on something, so I am not even going to run his customary file photo. He wants MLB to stop negotiating with Peter Angelo$ because it could (will) be

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