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Stan Kasten surely approves: Nats switching to same hot dog vendor as Phillies

O NOZZZZ! The Washington Nationals are apparently switching to the same hot dogs as the Philadelphia Phillies. TAKE BACK THE PARK HAS PHAILED!1!!!!1 Stan Kasten must have done it before he quit. Why didn’t you stop it Andy Feffer?! Selling Phillies hot dogs isn’t NATITUDE1!!!!!1 Based on the newly released 2013 Nats promotional schedule, it

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The Nats players and coaches really bailed out Andy Feffer on “Natitude”

Remember way back in the spring when we found out the Washington Nationals wanted us to Ignite our Natitude? “It’s a young team, with an edge and attitude,” Nats COO Andy Feffer told me this week. “But now it’s different than the past: they’re talented, and they’ve got the skills to back it up. That

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¡¿Navil?! and the Nats are in last after losses to Pirates and Mets

This does not sound good: Nats’ Hernandez looked at for possible money laundering – The Wash. Times Nationals’ Livan Hernandez under investigation in money laundering case – The Post Nats’ Hernandez named in federal investigation – CSN Washington Perhaps ¡LIVAN! (or is he ¡Navil! now?) is a Henri Devereaux in this affair, but either way,

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