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Nats all-time stats will blow your mind (not in a good way for the most part)

The Nats’ (updated) all-time stat leaders – Nats Insider Going all the way back to 2005, Mark Zuckerman compiled the Washington Nationals all-time statistical leaders. He provided this warning: WARNING: Reading these lists will elicit a wide range of emotions, from smiles to frowns to laughter to tears to sheer dumbfoundedness (and yes, I know

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Nyjer Morgan to Brewers; Nats get Cutter Dykstra

BREAKING: Per @washingnats Nyjer Morgan has been traded from the Washington Nationals for Cutter Dykstra. Yes, he’s Lenny Dykstra’s son. At the very least, the trade has to be addition by subtraction. It is too bad it didn’t work out, because Morgan’s play in 2009 made that season a lot more interesting for a couple

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Nats vs. Cardinals: Beanballs make spring training game interesting

Spring training live blog, Nationals at Cardinals – Nationals Journal, The Post The Nyjer Morgan hangover continues for the Washington Nationals. Last season, Morgan ran into St. Louis Cardinals catcher Bryan Anderson instead of you know, touching home plate. The Cards never got a chance to retaliate since Morgan was sat the next day by

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