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Philadelphia Eagles 33 WASHINGTON REDSKINS 27

It wasn’t that close… Redskins definitely need to fire Rick Eckstein. — The Natidude (@TheNatidude) September 10, 2013 In the pregame radio show, Sonny Jurgensen kept saying “Joe THEEZMAN” as it was “Joe THEEZMAN’s birthday.” By the way, this wasn’t the first time the Skins got blown out on Joe THEEZMAN’s birthday — it happened

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RGIII: A little perspective on Redskins QBs and leg injury coverage

Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III‘s torn knee ligaments are getting a lot of attention right now. However, anything short of broadcasts from his hospital room are an example of DC sports media showing restraint. To put it in perspective, here’s a clip from 1985 after Joe Theismann broke his leg: Memory is a fickle thing,

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