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Cut the cord? Not until the 2030s, Capitals, Wizards fans; MASN scores a victory against Nats, fans

Ted Leonsis and Comcast make a deal for the Capitals and Wizards that lasts until 2032, while MASN continues its war on the Nats and Washingtonians

It’s 196 days until the Capitals host the Winter Classic and no venue has been selected

Earlier this week Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis was arguing why D.C. should host the 2024 Summer Olympics1 (DC Sports Bog, The Post). I’m more interested in D.C. hosting the Winter Classic; the Caps are the scheduled home team. My preferred option is Nationals Park which is a mere mile from the U.S. Capitol. Seems

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Will NHL, Capitals owner Ted Leonsis put the 2015 Winter Classic in Washington, D.C.?

One of the frequent phrases that Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis used in his book The Business of Happiness and on his blog was “double bottom line.” He described it to Inc. as “be successful from a business standpoint but also be community-minded.” Last year, I suggested that lockouts, like the one that Leonsis was

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