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Is today the day Teddy Roosevelt wins the Nats President’s Race?

The Washington Nationals won their division and with a win today could have the #1 seed in the NL playoffs. Other than that, the biggest mystery is will the Nats Let Teddy Win? Given all the publicity of late with ESPN, the Wall Street Journal, ABC World News Tonight and even the White House and

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Nats: Rain, rain/Braves/Teddy losing streak, go away

A three-game sweep by the second place team, four losses in a row and then an off day. It has been a while since the Washington Nationals won. I’m not sure they will tonight either because they might not even play. Fans, we are monitoring the weather and will have updates for you about tonight’s

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The Theodore Roosevelt Bridge was supposed to have scultpures

JOHN KELLY: Why is the Roosevelt Bridge missing its sculptures? – The Post The Theodore Roosevelt Bridge which carries Interstate 66 and US 50 across the Potomac River between Arlington, Va. and Washington, D.C. was originally slated to have sculptures. Kelly explains why it never happened: Mrs. Fraser’s design called for four plaques symbolizing Teddy

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