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I-495, Capital Beltway in Northern Virginia opened 50 years ago today

It was on this day fifty years ago that the Capital Beltway, Interstate 495, was completed in Northern Virginia. I suppose many commuters would have found it opening a day earlier more apropos as the road seems more a burden than anything else and the SPEED LIMIT 55 signs to be a mockery.

Snow plowing information for Virginia, D.C. and Maryland

Once again, we’re getting snowed on again (3¼ inches by 9 a.m. in Alexandria) and everything is closed. After my brother linked to the real-time VDOT snow plow map, I thought I’d compile a list. COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA VODTplows.org – pretty good tracker of plows working on Virginia Department of Transportation routes. Alexandria Snow Removal

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Nats: The Curly W used to be on road signs, why it isn’t anymore

Photo used with permission of Flickr user SteelYankee A few weeks ago, DC Sports Bog (The Post) answered a reader question about why the Washington Nationals “curly W” logo was removed from signs along Interstate 395 (Southwest Freeway) for Nationals Park: What happened to the Curly W on D.C. freeway signs?. Presumably, the curly W’s

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Maryland House service area by C. Patrick Zilliacus

I-95: New Maryland House service area re-opened, Chesapeake House closed

The first service area on Interstate 95 north, Maryland House, reopened recently. The facility was knocked down and replaced after closing in September 2012. Private money built the new facility, and a private company will operate it. Here’s what Maryland gets: “Over $400 million in state revenue over the length of the partnership,” said Lt.

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