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Nats want District to pay for overtime Metro

Nationals ask District to pay to keep Metro open late for fans – WTOP It is official, the Washington Nationals ownership is still really stupid. Rather than put down a $29,500 deposit on keeping the Metro going for an extra hour in the event of a really late game, they’ve asked the District to do

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Mark Lerner needs to prioritize Nats fans in selecting a new spring training home

Mark Lerner, the most public member of the Washington Nationals ownership group, just left spring training. Among other things, Lerner told Nationals Journal, The Post that the Nats are looking to move away from Viera for spring training which is not news, but worth mentioning again. Logistically, playing on the east coast of Florida is

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Nats videos: Ryan Zimmerman, Mark Lerner, Bryce Harper, Jayson Werth

Some Washington Nationals videos for lunchtime viewing: CSN Washington‘s Kelli Johnson spoke to Ryan Zimmerman Lindsay Czarniak talked to Mark Lerner, co-owner, about his “Strasburg therapy” but not shagging flies in the outfield: I’m trying to stay off the Bryce Harper bandwagon until he gets to the big leagues, but here is what he and

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