Frank Herzog; Homestar Runner; Caps vs. Pens

In today’s Washington Times, the president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting suggests Congressional intervention to get Frank Herzog back on Redskins radio. I assume that it is tongue and cheek, but WJFK really fumbled the ball by letting him go.

Internet Animation Goes MainstreamNPR

Homestar Runner is featured on Talk of the Nation along with the annoying Quizno Subs spongemonkeys. We can only hope that this is the first of many NPR features involving the Brothers’ Chaps world. I for one cannot wait to hear Terry Gross interview Strong Bad or Bob Edwards chat with the Cheat.

In Caps news, “the battle for 29th place” is heating up with the Pengyunz fourth straight win. The Capitals only have an eight point cushion between them and last place Pittsburgh. – Post-Gazette

Dozens of Penn State fans apparently witnessed the Lions lose to Northwestern, 58 – 52 in the men’s Big11Ten Basketball tournament. Last week, the Lady Lions lost, by one, in the tournament final to Purdue. – CDT

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