Rentals Deal For a Full House – The Post

Tremendous rent increases in the late 1990s in the Washington area have stayed in place, largely because the local employment situation remains healthy. Other metropolitan areas have seen rent declines, making the Washington region one of the most expensive places to rent in the country.

Hmmm, I noticed that too.

Kornheiser: Newscycled Items That Are Left To Be Trashed – The Post

Mr. Tony writes a serious column (and a real good one too) on the monster that is the newscycle. It is good to see that he can still write for real, though he should have come down harder on Todd Bertuzzi, who earned all the condemnation he has received for his sucker punch of Steve Moore.

Speaking of hockey, Erica and I made it up to MCI Center last night for the Caps vs. Blackhawks game. Despite being up 1 – 0 and then 2 – 1, Washington lost 4 – 3 (- The Post) to Chicago. Their final goal was shorthanded, but with two minutes to play, they could not convert a 5 – 3 advantage for the tying goal. The Wash. Times pointed out that last night’s loss officially eliminated them from the playoffs.

FCC Fines Clear Channel $247,500 for ‘Elliot’ Exploits – The Post

It has been pointed out by others (notably DCRTV) that Clear Channel has given the appearance of hypocrisy given for kicking Howard Stern off six stations but keeping Elliot in the Morning on for similar “crimes.” In the end, of course, this is of course a puritan witch hunt inspired by *gasp* seeing part of a nipple for 2 seconds on national television and it puts sensible people in the awkward position of sticking up for moronic, tasteless radio.

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