Buried in here is my first post about DC baseball

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Heather DinichHigh school sports a breath of fresh airCDT

I think my opinion on Dinich may be changing. Like most sportswriters (especially female) that cover the Lions, she is disliked by the pennant-waving meatheads who only want good news about their favorite team. However, her displeasure (while understandable) with the lack of media access is getting a little tired. One point of interest is that the Wisconsin game in Madison will apparently be a 4:45 or 5 p.m kickoff.

Loudoun Leads Nation in GrowthThe Post

This is hardly surprising. I suppose if more people move out there it means less competition in the closer-in suburbs for me when it becomes time. We shall see.

Ralph WileyDo you have the answers?ESPN.com

I am not a big fan of Ralph Wiley’s writing (many of his columns go back and forth between narrative and stream of conscious) but he does have a great paragraph about Mario Jr.

Does Jaromir Jagr expect anybody to care that he’ll play in Russia next year? He’s been playing in Russia for the last three years, as far as Ted Leonsis and Sather are concerned. Why did Leonsis jack up a fan when he could’ve jacked up Jaromir? In the dictionary next to “Stealing Money,” there’s a picture of the back of Jagr’s retreating mullet. Shouldn’t he, Courtney and Christian Laettner start a band?

In more hockey news, my team of destiny, the NJ Devils lost Game 1 (The Times) against Philly last night. Lastly, most of Dejan Kovacevic’s Pengyunz Q&A (Post-Gazette) is fans whining about not getting the #1 pick. Being a Caps fan, it is quite amusing. Kovacevic essentially tells everyone to “get over it” because it is not the end of the world. Remember, it was the Pengyunz throwing the ’83-’84 season to get Lemieux that caused the lottery to be created.

Baseball’s Biggest Stage Suits VazquezThe Times

With Javier Vazquez winning his Yankee debut (at The Stadium, opening day no less), the Bronx Bombers move to 3 – 2, putting them on a pace for a 160 – 2 season.

Mayor proposes baseball stadium at RFKThe Wash. Times

Once again, DC officials are changing plans to tempt Bud Selig to move the Expos to D.C. Columnist Thom Loverno suggests that D.C. is finally calling MLB’s bluff on public financing and if baseball does not award the Expos based on this step they never will. I think he is right. One interesting note, The Wash. Times completely scooped The Post on this story; there is nothing in The Post about D.C. baseball since February.

John Kelly’s WashingtonO Muse, Thy Name Is BeltwayThe Post

Haiku’s about Washington life! Why wasn’t my brother informed?!

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