TOM KNOTT: Evil stalks area’s quest for baseballThe Wash. Times

Wow. Not even I have come out and called Peter Angelo$ evil. In this column he is compared to Jason of the Friday the 13th movies. I have to wonder though, if he is more like Freddy from the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Not having seen either of the two, I do not know. Anybody have an opinion on this one?

Baseball: Hal BodleyUSA Today

USA Today baseball scribe Hal Bodley was in chat today and I got a question in:

Arlington, VA: How strong a case do you think D.C. baseball needs to make to convince owners that it is in MLB’s best interest to award the Expos to them? It seems to me that a D.C. team would make more money than a Loudoun County team since it would be accessible to many more people. Do you expect the owners to be convinced that outweighs the concerns of Angelos?

Hal Bodley: No. My guess is Loudoun County is No. 1 on the list because putting the Expos there is a compromise for Angelos. Like it or not, Commissioner Bud Selig doesn’t want to get into a battle with Angelos. Selig has a lot of problems with weakening the Orioles by putting a team in Washington. Believe it or not, that’s the way he feels. He’ll probably try to convince Angelos the site near Dulles is far enough away. But, as we know, the Expos will have to play in RFK for three years…..

Discouraging, I have a bad feeling he will be correct. He later says that the owners are split on D.C. of Loudoun. Bodley also thinks the announcement will be made in late August in the city (or um, county) that wins the bid.

In another chat, Potomac Confidential, The Post’s Marc Fisher really nails Peter Angelo$ to the wall for his “no baseball fans in D.C.” comment. It is about half way through the chat; the rest is mostly about Metro arresting someone for eating a candy bar.

Major pain at Triple-A Las Vegas Sun

While their cities flirt with big-league baseball, three minor-league franchises are stuck in limbo

Officials from AAA teams in Vegas, Portland, and Norfolk think their markets are getting played by MLB to raise the sticker price for BeltwayLand. Some of them even come out and say that their cities cannot support a major league team.


Paterno honored by ESPN panelYDR

Two “official” national championships, another 12-0 season, along with a couple of #2’s and #3’s makes a decent case. I would have figured Bobby Bowden or Tom Osbourne, but thankfully, the ESPN panel saw “the truth.”

Zemaitis included on Thorpe Award watch listThe Collegian

Unlike Zack Mills and the Davey O’brien Award, Alan Zemaitis has a pretty good shot at least being a semi-finalist for this post-season honor.


John Kelly’s WashingtonStand Right While Reading This ColumnThe Post

Reader suggestions on how to get tourists to stand to the right on Metro escalators; truly a public service. Oh and it is not just tourists, let’s be fair.


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