10,000 DAYS OLD

On his recent visit, the WWN Ombudsman recounted that another friend had recently celebrated a 10,000 day old “birthday” party. Finding that a curious idea, I decided to find out when I would be 10,000 days old. Sure enough, it that time has come, merely ten days after Cliff’s visit. You can find out when you will be (or were) 10,000 days old by visiting this page on timeanddate.com.


Baseball in Loudoun Raises No CheersThe Post

Fairfax County supervisors are ambivalent about a Loudoun (or D.C. for that matter) baseball team. I wonder if that makes a difference in the end.

RFK Stadium going out in style?The Wash. Times

Whether the Expos move here or not, 43 year old RFK Stadium’s days are coming to a close. It is losing money since it gets little more than soccer and HFStival.

Dulles Takes Lead For MLB? Debate Over Loudoun Stadium Benefits ContinuesLeesburg Today

This headline is not too great, since most of the article talks about tax revenues that may or not occur from a Loudoun ballpark.

Drama winds into final weeks Las Vegas Sun

The paper of record in Las Vegas downplays reports of BeltwayLand getting the Expos, while describing the plans for baseball there. They also quote a few people, including UNLV head football coach John Robinson, wondering if Vegas would support a team.

Young duo work toward franchiseVirginian-Pilot

It turns out that the young duo (younger than me, I think) trying to lure the Expos to Norfolk may not be as accomplished as they have made themselves out to be and they still have not revealed their mystery investor. Very interesting, wouldn’t you say?


Pitt coach: PSU dodging rematchThe Collegian

For whatever reason, The Collegian sent a beat writer to the Big East media day. Pitt’s embattled head coach, Walt Harris thinks Joe Paterno is afraid of playing Pitt because they would be competitive. JoePa says that Penn State wants to play all over the country instead. Who knows, when the season expands to 12 games (it will) perhaps the two will become regular opponents again. I could live with that, but then again, I am doing okay not playing Pitt now. There are also quotes from a Boston College player (“classy fans”) and a Temple player (“start MRob”).


You know, yesterday morning, I was wondering what Carroll H. Cook (’54 Pitt) has been up to this summer. I even looked to see if he would be stopping by ESPN.com’s chat. Well, no luck then, but I come home to find that he did stop by and have a few things to say. As always, brace yourself:

Ken (TAMPA, FL): If Penn State has another down year, does Paterno call it quits?

Beano Cook: No. In my opinion he will be there for 2005. I think they will win 7-8 games. They are in the Big Ten!!! Not the SEC or Big 12. They have a chance to have a good year. I predict at leat 7 wins.

Beano Cook: But I have to be honest, I said the same thing last year.

He sure did and we know how that worked out. Nooooooooooooooooooo!

DR – Louisville: Beano, why the bad mouthing of the Big Ten? Are the teams in the conference lacking that much talent this year, or will the Big Ten never match up to any of the other conferences?

Beano Cook: It’s the SEC and Big 12 getting better athletes than the Big Ten teams. Now you have to say the ACC is stronger. I’m not bad mouthing, it’s just my opinion. If this was 40 years ago, I’d say by far the Big Ten was the best conf. But that’s no longer the case. Believe me. It’s not personal. It’s business, as they said in The Godfather. My favorite stadium is at Ohio State. I love the Michigan helmets. The fans at Wisconsin are as good as anywhere in the country. I love Joe Paterno’s white socks.

Hmm, perhaps the Beano curse can be reversed if JoePa goes with BLACK socks.

You can read the whole chat here. – ESPN.com


Former NPR Host Bob Edwards To Be XM’s New Morning StarThe Post

Well, it does not look like my fanciful idea of Bob Edwards becoming the voice of a new Washington Senators team will come to pass, and not just because we do not know if the Expos are moving to D.C. After building one radio network, I think Bob is about to build another — XM. He is walking away from NPR, a sensible decision given the way he was treated. I would expect XM subscriptions to rise, while NPR donations will fall. I doubt I will give NPR any money for a good long time after this stupid stunt. Also, NPR announced he was heading to XM before XM did. Perhaps one last indignity from his former employer or maybe he tipped them off. In the end, it is good to see Bob doing what is good for Bob. Also, the Quote of the Day is dedicated to Jay Kernis, the man who canned Bob and will have to live that down for the rest of his life. Once the next pledge drive comes along and NPR sees less member giving, he will be out.NPR Spin.


You fell victim to one of the classic blunders. The most famous is: “Never get involved in a land war in Asia.” But, only slightly less well known is this: “Never go in against a Sicilian, when death is on the line!”

– Wallace Shawn as Vizzini in The Princess Bride

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