There are apparently two Expos articles in the The Wash. Times today, but I am getting a connection failure when I try to get onto the site. Look for them to appear here after 4:30 this afternoon. In the meantime, there were a lot of stories published yesterday.


Angelos makes case against Expos becoming Orioles’ neighborKC Star

Baltimore must be playing the Royals this weekend because the Kansas City Star is running a D.C. baseball story. Unfortunately, it gives the last word to Peter Angelo$, but it is not without highlights:

“It would probably hurt the Orioles some, sure,” Orioles Hall of Fame third baseman Brooks Robinson said. “But Washington, D.C., deserves a team.”

Congratulations, Brooks you have just joined Mayor O’Malley as NetworkYurasko Co-Baltimorean of the Year.


Washington’s Major League DivideThe Post

A long article looking at the rivalry between D.C. and Loudoun groups vying for the Expos. Pros and cons of each are presented. I remain convinced that the best way to go is D.C.

Letter to the EditorIn a Bargaining Position On BaseballThe Post

A bi-partisan pair of D.C. council members come out against a publicly financed D.C. stadium.

Youth Is Being Served, but Far Too QuicklyThe Post

This week’s George Solomon column is mostly about Freddy Adu, but in the second part (scroll down) he starts referring to the Montreal National League ballclub as “our Expos.” Hopefully, he is right…

Dan RodricksD.C. baseball backer hacks away at Baltimore worryThe Sun

Columnist Dan Rodricks interviews Paul Dickson, author of “The Hidden Language of Baseball: How Signs and Sign Stealing Have Influenced the Course of the National Past Time,” about D.C. baseball. Dickson lives in Montgomery County, which is probably the most crucial area for the relocation. If the team goes to Loudoun, Montgomery County loses out the most, since they will be an hour away from two MLB teams.

Critical mass for baseball?The Free Lance-Star

I think this article in Fredericksburg’s paper of record hits it on the head saying that we have reached “critical mass” for moving the Expos. Tea leaves are once again mentioned too.

Donnie JohnstonBringing Expos to Virginia would drive away gloomThe Free Lance-Star

A columnist is hoping and hoping for a Loudoun County team, but fears that lawsuits will immediately spring up.


I love summer as much as anyone, but having Penn State football to look forward to certainly takes away the sting of shorter days and cooler weather that arrives in September.

Ron BrackenPreseason prognosticators forecasting big year for MountaineersCDT

Longtime chronicler of Penn State football, Ron Bracken looks at the high pre-season rankings for West Virginia and laments that they do not play Penn State and joins the chorus criticizing the Lions being in the Big11Ten. He is right that they should play each other again, but I am not sure I would be willing to travel to Morgantown. They are animals over there.

Regardless of your politics, it says volumes about Joe Paterno that he was chosen to introduce President Bush at campaign events (YDR) over the last few days. Pretty cool if you ask me.

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