By once again stating that he is in favor of a D.C. baseball team (The Wash. Times), Mayor Martin O’Malley has shown that he is deserving of the first annual NetworkYurasko Baltimorean of the Year award. Congratulations, Mr. Mayor.

The mudslinging between the two local camps is also discussed. I have to take issue with the talk of the Loudoun County park being only 21 miles from D.C. That may be true via helicopter, but via car, it is no less than 25 from the Potomac River, though it is not 35 or 40 like D.C. Mayor, Tony Williams said.

O’Malley’s comment draws Angelos’ ireThe Sun

Peter Angelo$ was apparently not happy with what hizzoner had to say about D.C. baseball.

Expos’ Relocation Progressing SlowlyThe Post

You know, I had not noticed it was moving slowly. What about you?

Nobody’s conceding anythingUSA Today

Most interesting about this article was that Bill Collins of the Loudoun group was optimistic, but Fred Malek of the D.C. group had no comment. Could this be trouble for the preferred D.C. bid?

MLB studying Expos

Official Major League Baseball reporting on the Expos situation. Naturally, Bud Selig denies that a decision has been made.

Vegas’ stock on the rise?Las Vegas Sun

While it would be an incredible act of hypocrisy and go against long standing principals, we must treat the Vegas effort seriously since it is for the very reasons that I mentioned I fear baseball will give them the Expos because the sport often does the exactly wrong and contradictory thing.

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8 P.M. KICK IN BEANTOWNPress ReleaseKickoff Time Set For Penn State Football Game at Boston College; Clash To Be Televised by ABC

Great news, whether you are watching the game on TV or going to it. This gives us a whole extra day to explore Boston. Sweet!


Carroll H. Cook (Pitt ’54) back for another offseason chat. Shockingly enough, the first question was about our favorite football program.

Kev Crestview, FL: Beano, there’s been a lot of nay-sayers concerning JoePa. We’ve all heard it. He says he’d like to have one more great team. Does PSU’s recent recruiting and relatively young team make it a possibility that Joe will have that last great team in the next 4 years?

Beano Cook: (3:05 PM ET ) My feeling is that it could be longer than four years. No one has said Joe will retire after this contract. If he can coach till his 90 he will. With a great coach like Paterno, you can never say never. Also the Big Ten isn’t what it once was and the SEC is much tougher. Paterno may win seven games or more this year.

I guess, we are going to lose seven games. 🙁

You can read his whole chat on Beano is also reported to have called for Pitt coach Walt Harris to be fired (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review).

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