At last, vacation is here! This weekend, I begin a week at the Jersey Shore with my family. In my absence, guest editor Fritz Hamme will be updating WWN and so will Erica during the middle of the week. One thing though, I am not sure I can look at the back of my official State of New Jersey tourism map quite the same any more.


Las Vegas Rolls the Dice on Expos’ MoveThe Post

A long article on the Las Vegas bid for the Expos. I found it rather discouraging that MLB is giving them such consideration. Moving the Expos there would be rather duplicitous, though, don’t you think. Oh and memo to Bud Selig; D.C. occasionally has tourists in town too.

Malek settles for $250,000 in finesThe Wash. Times

Fred Malek the leader of Washington Baseball Club had to pay the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission $250K. I doubt it will make a difference to the group’s bid for the Expos. Truth be told, I don’t really want this guy owning “our” team, should it be awarded. He has a shady past in Dick Nixon’s administration that is pretty ugly. Post columnist Marc Fisher basically said, in a recent chat, that Malek was asked by Nixon to find Jews in the federal government and get rid of them. Nasty stuff.

Tracy RingolsbyOwners have little alternative to SeligRocky Mountain News

In an article about extending Bud Selig’s contract, a Denver columnist suggests that Washington will get the Expos, but counts votes at the same time. He thinks that the Orioles (of course), Mets, Yankees, White Sox, Cubs, Dodgers and Giants will vote against the move, leaving a slim margin of victory. We have disagreed with this theory before, because with the exception of the Giants, each of these teams is in a two team market, so it is doubtful that another team could show up, since the existing team would block the team in their own league from moving into the market and the other team in market would do the same. The only reason the Giants would block it would be that the Oakland A’s want to move to San Jose. As for the Yankees, it could weaken a rival too. Anyhow, I hope Ringolsby is correct that the Expos will come here.

Letter to the editorAnother StrikeoutThe Post

An angry letter to the editor about “the shenanigans of Major League Baseball (MLB) regarding the District.” The author thinks it would be restraint of trade for D.C. to be denied on account of Peter Angelo$.


Yesterday was media day for Penn State football and there is a lot to cover. For starters, here is the Joe Paterno press conference from

Nittany Lions in search of big-play guyCDT

I have hunch that guy is wearing #33.

Okay, I don’t have time to comment on the rest of the many stories, since well, I have job too. Enjoy though!

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