MLB Group In Area TodayThe Post

ChiSox owner Jerry Reinsdorf is appearing in D.C. today and Loudoun tomorrow. He apparently hits Norfolk and Las Vegas later in the week. If you see him, tell him that D.C. is where the Expos should live.

Also, see The Wash. Times coverage: Relocation group returning to D.C.

Say no to baseball subsidyThe Wash. Times

Who would have thought the editorial board of The Wash. Times and Ralph Nader would ever agree on anything? Both are aganist public funding for a D.C. ballpark.

More from yesterday’s edition of The Wash. Times: NaderBallparks, corporate welfare

Jayson StarkIdeas for Bud to focus

From last week, ESPN’s Jayson Stark makes the case for Expos to D.C. Can I get an amen?


It is really less than eleven days by the time this was updated (once again, Comcast sucks), but that is okay. Tonight, I am scheduled to see Blue White Illustrated publisher, Phil Grosz at Crystal City Sports Pub. I went to the one two years ago and had a great time; it is sponsored by the Metro Washington Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association. Tickets are available at the door.

Posluszny wants to add to traditionPublic Opinion, Chambersburg, Penna.

One nice thing about the problems this morning is I get to add this story. It is from one of the Gannett papers I update daily and in fact, I personally put it online. I actually had to check with the copy desk to see if it was okay, because they forgot to budget it. Thankfully, they were grateful I got it up there and noticed the oversight. Anyhow, the article is about Paul Posluszny who appears to be the next great PSU LB.

Bronson hopes to be answer at tight endCDT

The tradition of having a fifth year senior starting at TE for only that season continues without any signs of slowing down.

Road projects to slow Penn State football trafficCDT

Traffic looks to be worst than normal this year, which figures since I am not staying within 30 miles of State College for almost every game for the first time ever. Oh well, leave early and stay late I suppose, which is a good idea anyhow. While it means getting up earlier, it also means more tailgating and what is better than that?

PSU defense loses 2 playersPatriot-News

We knew about BranDon Snow’s injury, but Chris Harrell not yet having medical clearance is news.

Penn State players clean up their actPost-Gazette

They better behave, last year’s bad attitude off the field did not help on the field. It is a vicious cycle.


Harmless college fun? Hey, there’s a reason they call it smashedPatriot-News

The Patriot-News has a multi-day series on alcohol abuse on college campuses. This article details some losers at the alma mater and their drinking habits. For as great as Penn State is, people (of whom there are many) like the ones depicted here make me glad I graduated. The infest the campus like a virulent fungus and dumb down the whole experience for everyone. I am not saying that occasionally getting a little loaded when having a good time with your friends is a horrible thing. What these people do is far from that — getting drunk for the sake of it all week long. It is so sad.


How Jealous Is That Novice by the Window?The Times

My favorite contemporary author Joe Queenan has another column in Sunday Times.


Just wondering, if Peter Angelo$ is so threatened by a team moving 40 to 60 miles away in Washington D.C. or northern Virginia, how have the Giants survived with Oakland, the Yankees with the Mets, and the Cubs with the White Sox all these decades?

Gary Miller, ESPN

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