Baseball Proposal Losing in D.C. PollThe Post

This could be trouble, big trouble, for D.C.’s bid for the Expos. However, this sort of thing has been overcome before, Pittsburgh comes to mind.

MLB Meets With Virginia OfficialsThe Post

Sounds like MLB’s meeting with Loudoun officials was not even half as long as the meeting with D.C. officials. What does mean? Who knows?

Decision on Expos likely soonThe Wash. Times

Both local ownership groups think that the decision will be made sooner rather than later. Yeah right!

Va. bid takes another strike USA Today

A Stafford County lawmaker does not like the funding mechanism for a Loudoun Stadium. I have a feeling that this is no big deal and that this is just political grandstanding. Hopefully, MLB will disagree and look at this as another reason to put the Expos where they belong, in D.C.

More from The Sun: N. Virginia funding issue re-emerges


With the college football season about to begin, Carroll H. Cook (’54 Pitt) returns weekly chat session on He had just a few things to say about the alma mater:

Tim (State College, PA): Staying on the topic of the Big Ten, do you see Penn State returning to a bowl game? I predict a 7-4 finish. I am crossing my fingers that this season will be a springboard for a Big Ten title run in ’05.

Beano Cook: Tim, I expect Penn State to win at least 7 games. As usual, the non-conf sched isn’t that tough, although B.C. will not be easy on the road. You are lucky Penn STate doesn’t have to play Michigan, but they must go to Wisconsin and Ohio State. Does anybody have any tickets for the Iowa-Penn State game?? Let me know!!

Ouch, Beano says seven wins, so that probably means seven loses. D’oh! He also had this to say in response to a question about Iowa:

Beano Cook: Hey, if Iowa goes to Michigan and wins, VERY good chance. Please don’t laugh, but Penn State won’t be easy at Penn State … and of course, there’s Ohio State. But that game is in Iowa City. I also understand that for the Ohio State game, there will 76 trombones in the stand … however I don’t know if Mr. Hill will be there …


Yesterday, driving home I caught one of my favorite oldies on the radio, “I Love You More Today Than Yesterday” by The Spiral Starecase. I think it came out in the early seventies. Just for fun, I searched the band and on the second site I visited, they had an embedded version of the song. It always picks me up. Go there and see if it works for you too.


Ron Powlus will win two Heisman trophies.

Beano Cook

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