Fans Back Pitch for Baseball, D.C. SaysThe Post

A survey by the D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission says that area fans want a ballpark in D.C. as opposed to Loudon County. This of course, contradicts, the Va. stadium authorities survey. I think the D.C. one is more accurate and not just because I want it to be.

More from The Wash. Times: Survey shows support for D.C..

D.C. Official: City Could Block Use of RFKThe Post

As much as I want a D.C. team, Jack Evans and company could take a higher road than to threaten the Va. this way. It is childish and probably does not help the cause.


We are so close! The best Saturday’s of the year begin in just seven days. Enjoy your last non-football Saturday for a long time.

There are a so many stories out there today and yesterday featured today. Joe Paterno had his last press conference before the season and had a lot to say. You might want to block off some time to read all of this stuff.

Paterno press conference transcriptPost-Gazette

The first press conference of the year! If you would rather listen to it, the Patriot-News/ has it (and other media) here.

Paterno counting on versatile backup Michael RobinsonCDT

The era of the multiback will continue, which is no surprise. Hopefully, it will work this year and not mess up the rhythm of the offense again.

Rush would like to stay anonymousCDT

If I recall correctly, Phil Grosz said that Charles Rush is the one offensive lineman who will probably not get an NFL shot, primarily due to fallen arches.

Rosters needed with this PSU teamCDT

There are lots of people on the roster we do not know yet, which okay considering what the people we did know did last season.

Harrell redshirts for 2004Patriot-News

If you caught Wednesday’s blog, you already saw this information.

Football Notebook: Safety could miss ’04 seasonPost-Gazette

More notes from yesterday’s press conference.

Football Q & A with Chico HarlanPost-Gazette

The new beat writer for PSU football hosts his first Q & A, a P-G staple.

JoePa offers rare praiseYDR

Paterno thinks Michael Robinson may be the best all around player in college football right now. I disagree, I think he must have been trying to make MRob feel good. However, I would love to take back this statement.

Sam Ross, Jr.Slot man Robinson’s best roleTribune-Review

It has become a cliche; a black quarterback who is an incredible athlete gets moved to WR, but it might make a lot of sense to do this with Mike Robinson. There are of course some downsides:

  1. Will it take away from his development as QB, which is particularly troubling if Mills gets hurt
  2. Takes away from the development of other WRs
  3. Makes him more prone to injury, which could be disastrous

It is a risky proposition to play him there or not at all, which coming off a 3 – 9 season makes me think it is worth it. We will see what JoePa does.

Paterno optimistic about team’s turnaroundTribune-Review

The reporter is not as optimistic as Paterno and predicts 5 – 6 if they lose at Boston College. I think a lot of people are taking that view, though I am not ready too.

Jefferson carries defensive mentalityTribune-Review

Returning FB Paul Jefferson should be a bulldozer this year.

Paterno would like to renew rivalry – if deal is rightTribune-Review

More about the Penn State vs. Pitt controversey. Sounds like we are getting to versions of the story, depending on who is telling it. When it all comes down to it, this means a lot more to Pitt than Penn State.

Sales, Brown to get playing time for PSUTribune-Review

All of our LBs will get a fair share of playing time I think. Grosz said that Dontey Brown is the next Brandon Short. Sounds good to me.

Penn State: Wake has high hopes for NittanysDelco Times

More about Derek Wake, who has been, thus far, an underachiever during his career. It also has a great quote from a former Maryland coach, which is Quote of the Day at the bottom of today’s entry.

The family feuds: Football can be a great barrierBlairsville Dispatch

A long feature article about one family and the Penn State-Pitt rivalry as well as other rivalries. Read it if you are really bored or if it is raining.


Spanier Q&A: Penn State sesquicentennial offers opportunity ‘to respect and build on its traditions as we chart a course for the future’CDT

A loooong interview with university president, Graham Spainer.

Blue Band keeps Penn State fans movin’ and shakin’CDT

It felt so good to hear the Blue Band at the Grosz event earlier this week, I practically had goose bumps.


Va. to Build Beltway Toll LanesThe Post

How is it that the federal government was able to pay for 40,000 miles of interstate highway with smaller gas taxes and now with gas taxes, cannot seem to find the money to expand these interstates?


Your potential is going to cost me my job.

Jerry Clairbourne, former Maryland coach

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