A big hello to new visitors to the site who may have found it from Ryan Moore’s excellent Distinguished Senators blog. I also have a static page about D.C. baseball with a “controversial” photo.

Hal BodleySelig’s choice is clear: Expos belong in D.C.USA Today

Some have said that Hal Bodley has been a cheerleader for the Loudoun bid, so it is great that he has come around. He thinks the announcement could be made following Thursday’s executive council session in Milwaukee. I still expect it after the World Series, but would gladly be wrong.

Another hurdle to land Expos?The Wash. Times

While this RICO suit is annoying, ultimately, it is in the both sides best interest to see the team move to D.C. and get a settlement, that means more money for the plaintiffs. Baseball though, cannot not be too thrilled about this not being the windfall they had tried to make it. They will still get something like $300 million, but they have to divide it a few more ways. Of course, they have to do it first.


Lowry sets standard for Penn State’s punt returnsThe Collegian

I guess he sets the standard, but it is not exactly a high one, though any return that he does not fumble is a good one in my eyes.

Jefferson urges Scott to ‘get nervous’The Collegian

Is it just me or are people panicking about RB Austin Scott way too early? He is just a sophomore. I really doubt that he is going to transfer either, it would be very shortsighted on his part.

David JonesRevenue streaming away?Patriot-News

PSU trustees cast wary eye at Beaver Stadium’s empty seats

A suprisingly sarcasm free column by Dave Jones about concerns over the lagging attendance and intercollegiate athletics funding.

Dan VictorFan isn’t sureCDT Blue

“But this was one whopping cubic zirconia of a blowout.” I could not have said it better myself.

Jerry Sandusky35 years with Nittany LionsCDT

The former defensive coordinator recalls his Penn State career.


The Force Is Finally With UsThe Post

The “special edition” original series is now available, someone please lend me a copy! Part of the set, the “Empire of Dreams” feature was on A&E a few weeks ago and it reminded me how great the trilogy was and how poorly the prequels, which I enjoyed, match up. Sounds like ol’ George forgot to put the original as an Easter egg too. Oh well.


Witless ‘Listen Up’ has a tin ear for comedyUSA Today

I know at least one person must have been disappointed by this review of the show based on Tony Kornheiser. So, how was it Sam?


Despite a scare, football pulls throughYale Daily News

My father’s alma mater beats my godmother’s alma mater in Ohio. Look for Yale news throughout the season, as they are my second favorite football team, despite their flashy uniforms. Also see this story on RB Robert Carr, who nearly drowned three months ago.

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