D.C. Offers Waterfront Baseball StadiumThe Post

Sources Say Owners Will Support Moving Expos to Washington

Lots of details on the preferred ballpark site, which turns out to be in SE. I guess that would put it near the Navy Yard Metro (see graphic). M Street is already undergoing redevelopment, but the last time I drove through, it seemed it would be a 8 to 5:30 type of area, but this could make it so much more. Overall, this appears to be great news. Naturally, Peter Angelo$ has said he will fight. My advice, take it with dignity and grace Pete, so you don’t alienate your dwindling D.C. fanbase.

More from The Wash. Times: M Street site for ballpark

Thomas BoswellThe District’s Play at the Plate Is Going to Be Very CloseThe Post

If Tom Boswell is writing a column, we must be close. He reamins very cautious, as do I.


Lowry: Opponents ‘don’t fear Penn State’CDT

He’s right, they don’t; this needs to change, how does Saturday work for you?

Paterno defends Mills againCDT

No surprise here, let’s hope he does not have to do it next week.

No insight from Paterno on Wisconsin, Big TenThe Collegian

It sounds like somebody was grumpy at his press conference yesterday.

Turnovers no problem in practiceThe Collegian

They say practice makes perfect — let’s hope that it does.

Jenny VrentasAggressive play a favorite among Lions defendersThe Collegian

Probably the most (if not only) promising sign about last week’s game was the defense. They started off poorly, but once they tasted a little success really started playing well.

Paterno wants more from WakePatriot-News

So do I, though it is probably more bench time for him. He is underachieving, as he has been throughout his career.

Bob FloundersBadgers really can be beatenPatriot-News

It is a sorry state of affairs that columns like this are being written. Yes, the Badgers can be beaten as can anyone on our schedule. Make it happen, men!

Penn State seeking to regain its stature among Big Ten elitePost-Gazette

Winning Saturday would be a good first step. If we do that, I will provide the next seven steps the would need to take.

Penn State Notebook: Paterno tried to wake up starting LB with benchingPost-Gazette

I think JoePa probably woke up Dan Connor more than Derek Wake, but we will see. Sadly, Connor is probably too small to be terribly useful this week.

Joe Paterno press conference transcript: 9/21/04Post-Gazette

It’s all there for you to read and pontificate on.

NCAA ponders adding 12th game to college football seasonPost-Gazette

Paterno is not in favor of it, but I have to disagree on this one. More football is good, particularly if it means more Eastern rivalry games.


Yesterday, we celebrated my mother Barbara’s birthday with dinner at a Vienna’s East Chateau, a Chinese place with mediocre service. However, the food was very good. We also enjoyed cake and ice cream back at Yurasko HQ. Many more, Mom!

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