Baseball Moves Closer In D.C. Plan for ExposThe Post

Orioles’ Owner Angelos Would Be Compensated

Until a decision is made, I am skeptical. The Loudoun group is still alive, because it is the one thing that may soften Peter Angelo$.

Thomas BoswellWith MLB, The Code Is ClearThe Post

Tom Boswell thinks that baseball has chosen D.C. and just needs to work out the kinks. I wish I had his optimism.

Thomas BoswellIn a Pinch, Reinsdorf Ready to Start SwingingThe Post

This is from yesterday, I cannot believe I forgot to post it. It looks like Reinsdorf did not duel with Angelo$, perhaps it was unnecessary.

In Montreal, It’s Few and Far BetweenThe Post

During our visit, the few people we talked to about Les Expos were very bitter about the way things transpired.

How to Make An Expos Fan Out of AngelosThe Post

A funny story from the Style section.

Panel backs D.C. bid; owners’ vote due soonThe Wash. Times

They think that the owners will choose D.C. If Selig makes the decision and the owners follow, then I remain skeptical and need to be proved otherwise.

MLB lets N.Va. get back in the ballgameThe Wash. Times

Troubling, if they meet with the Loudoun group for hours and hours, I will be disturbed.

Tom Knott27 property owners and a 20-acre plotThe Wash. Times

Tom Knott (of all people) takes the “human interest” angle on a SE ballpark. Would it be any different if people were losing their homes/businesses for an expanded SE Federal Center? Ballpark or not, they are probably going to have to leave the neighborhood due to growth that will come one way or another. I am not saying that it is right or fair, but just the way it is.

MLB stays neutral about Expos’ moveUSA Today

What, MLB did not make a decision?

MLB works to appease AngelosUSA Today

Angelo$ should be grateful that MLB is doing this out of the goodness of their hearts because they have no legal obligation to do so. Instead, he is acting like a child.

Angelos sticking with his best pitch: No team for D.C.The Sun

You know, when he was buying the O’s, Angelo$ was aware that there is interest in putting a team in D.C., so by buying the team, he made took a risk that he would someday have competition in D.C. He choose to buy the team anyway. He will still make back twice as much on his original investment if not thrice as much.

The powerful savor the possibilitiesThe Sun

This story is trying to paint potential D.C. fans as the rich and powerful, and not the everyman. Lame.

Laura VecesyPayments could place ball on tee for AngelosThe Sun

This column suggests that a payoff proves Angelo$’s point that it is bad for Baltimore to put a team in D.C. So? That is capitalism, competition happens. I have a hard time feeling sorry for a plutocrat who does not want competition.

Michael OleskerD.C. baseball? Baltimore has reason to balkThe Sun

Another column that predicts doom for the O’s if the Expos come here. Umm, as oppossed to what? Guess what, not everyone will abandon the O’s if D.C. gets a team, far from it. Get over it already. Just another column that suggests that Baltimore is inferior and must live off of D.C. welfare to survive, a theory that I do not subscribe to at all. Give your team and city some credit, folks!

Baseball fans’ loyalty dilemmaThe Sun

Guess what, since they are in different leagues, some people might like BOTH teams. It will happen with some, trust me. If Angelo$ is smart, he would begin to play up their status as “MARYLAND’S TEAM” and put Baltimore back on the road uniforms as well as the state flag on their sleeves, like the Ravens. Duh.


My friend Brenda Mayrack seems to be taking to this wager quite well. I will post more on it this afternoon.Lack of success could be costly proposition for Nittany LionsCDT

Guard’s return boosts O-linePatriot-News

Gotta go, running late, more later!

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