On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Plunge right through that line!
Run the ball clear down the field,
(originally “Run the ball clear ’round Chicago”)
A touchdown sure this time.
On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Fight on for her fame
Fight! Fellows! – fight, fight, fight!
We’ll win this game.

On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Stand up, Badgers, sing!
“Forward” is our driving spirit,
Loyal voices ring.
On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Raise her glowing flame
Stand, Fellows, let us now
Salute her name!

What a tough, well fought football game (more later). My congratulations go out to Brenda on the big win. Good luck in the rest of the Big11Ten schedule.


Anacostia Waterfront At JunctureThe Post
Twin Sports Stadiums May Produce Rebirth
More on the economic potential of a SE ballpark and Anacostia soccer stadium.

Landowners Feel Stadium SqueezeThe Post
Twenty Acres Earmarked for Baseball Isn’t the District’s — Yet
The District needs to negotiate with the landowners in good faith and give them a fair deal. It would be unfortunate if they have to use eminent domain to get the ballpark built.

Here’s the Pitch, but No One’s at BatThe Post
With Kids, the Expos Face A Long Slide Into Home
Article suggests that D.C. kids are not baseball fans. So? I doubt many Baltimore/San Diego/Bronx kids are fans either, it does not stop the teams from being successful. Some of them will become baseball fans now that they can see a team live.

The Turf War for Md. FansThe Post
In Orioles Country, Residents Would Welcome D.C. Team
Does anyone (other than Peter Angelo$) really think that lifelong O’s fans are suddenly going to forget about that and abandon them for a D.C. team, even if they live in Montgomery County?
More from The Sun: With prospect of D.C. team, what city do you call home?

Q&AThe Post
A few questions with Jeff Zients, president and chief executive of Washington Baseball Club, the group that has been trying to bring NL ball to D.C. for five years.

George SolomonBaseball in D.C.? Say It Is SoThe Post
George Solomon’s sons got tired of his Sunday columns. They are changing their tune now.

A few hundred Expos fans hold rally in Montreal in bid to keep baseball teamCanadian Press via The Montreal Gazette
It appears to be too little too late for Montreal baseball. While I am excited that the Expos may finally be coming here, I feel for the Montreal fans who really got shafted by MLB over the last decade. Perhaps, they can someday get a ballpark plan put together that will allow them to re-enter the league.

Baseball pursuit ending in a hurryThe Wash. Times
A breakdown of why D.C. appears to have won the Expos bid. If we get the team and you agree with this article, you may have to thank the voters of Ward 8 for choosing “mayor for life” Marion Barry.

SchmuckWith Angelos standing in way, eminent domain might not be imminentThe Sun
A Baltimore columnist, who will no longer get the courtesy of a first name, suggests that Angelo$ may side with SE property owners and battle any eminent domain, perhaps pro bono representation. Hopefully, such childish and self-centered move would earn him censure from MLB as it would certainly earn the scorn of the rest of America.

Help ‘All Things Considered’ Name the DC Baseball TeamNPR
NPR wants you to call in and pick a name for a D.C. baseball team. In the end, do not be surprised if Senators does not make it, I expect it to be the Grays. I can live with that, though Senators would almost certainly have better uniforms.


Erica and I had a few friends over last night to watch the Penn State at Wisconsin game. As you saw earlier in this post, we lost and I conceded defeat to my friend in Madison. It is hard to win when the top two QBs do not make it through the first quarter and one of them is taken by ambulance to a hospital unconscious. Even with that, the team played hard and did not give up. They should be proud be of their effort and hold their heads high. Next week’s game at Minnesota will be a challenge, but I believe they can rally and still win, regardless of QB. There is other troubling news, Joe Paterno’s son-in-law is hospitalized with a head injury, so it is a tough week for the Penn State family.

Badgers batter Nittany Lions in conference openerCDT
Like I said, a tough game. It is hard to defend against a wild-card like FB Matt Bernstein (Wisc. State Journal via CDT) who came in during the 2nd half and hurdled his 270 lb body all over the field.
More from the Patriot-News: Penn State loses two QBs, Big Ten opener to Badgers
More from the Post-Gazette: Penn State battered, badgered in 16-3 loss
More from the The Morning Call: Badgers knock Penn State out

Badger defenders take pleasure in knocking out QBsWisc. State Journal via CDT
No comment.

Ganter steps into tough spotCDT
QB Chris Ganter had a nearly impossible task last night. I will not criticize his performance, a real baptism by fire, but next week, whoever is under center needs to be ready. I would expect Anthony Morelli to get some snaps and if he is healthy enough, Zack Mills in addition to Ganter.

Paterno’s son-in-law seriously injured in bicycle accidentCDT
Very scary news for the Paterno family. Hopefully, everything will work out. If it does not, this may be the end Paterno’s coaching career.

David JonesUW’s front four ravages LionsPatriot-News
I take issue with calling the game a “nightmare,” when Paterno’s son-in-law has a serious head injury in Altoona. Perhaps this was filed before that was known.

Wisconsin defense one to savorPatriot-News
It is a shame we cannot see how they stack up against a full squad for sixty minutes, but they made it a moot point, which says a lot about their defense in and of itself.

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