Bob FloundersThe clock is tickingPatriot-News

Flounders thinks the Lions still have a shot at a bowl game. I agree, but then again, I did not think that Saturday’s loss was the end of the world either. Also see, THE PENN STATE HOT LIST.

David JonesOnly problem with James? He wore redPatriot-News

Apparently, Dave Jones got fed up with emails from whiny Penn State fans and tells us “the way it is.”

Frank BodaniIt’s time for MorelliYDR

In Penn State circles, calling for true frosh QB Anthony Morelli to get playing time is the “new rock-n-roll.” He should probably be 2nd string until Mike Robinson heals, but he is apparently third on the depth chart.

Defense plays well, not good enough for ShawThe Collegian

MLB Tim Shaw is starting to show some leadership, as well as becoming a solid linebacker.

Status of weekend’s PSU football injuries do not changeThe Collegian

So, why did I even bother posting the article, right?


No timetable for Expos

Methinks, that this press release is just MLB issuing a customary denial that something is about to happen. I would not get too worried over this, it would appear to be standard operating procedure. Still, with MLB, there is always a danger that they will blow it.

Warner: D.C. pitched a better dealAP via Potomac News

Virginia Gov. Mark Warner concedes defeat, but says it is good for the whole region.

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