Baseball returns to D.C.The Wash. Times

Top story from The Washington Times says that the Expos are coming here and it will be announced today. Some former Senators are supposed to be a part of the ceremony. I still think any announcement would be tomorrow. It looks like The Wash. Times and The Sun have more stories on D.C. baseball than The Post today too.

More from The Sun: Baseball for D.C. appears imminent

More from The Sun: Baseball, Orioles progress on deal

More from USA Today: Expos set for relocation, finally

Baseball, Angelos Close To DealThe Post

More on the expected announcement from The Post. Peter Angelo$ apparently wants a subsidy to go on forever, while MLB wants it as long as he owns the team.

Baseball Has Eluded Va. Despite Tax Giveaway PlanThe Post

Take away all the financial incentives that either bid put together and putting the Expos in D.C. simply makes the most sense. The fact that D.C. offered a better financial package just seals it. I feel for Bud Collins, who carried the flag for baseball in this area for so long. I really hope he gets to be part of any ownership group.

F. Robinson wants role with D.C. teamThe Post

Another Baltimore great, the “greatest Oriole” in fact, wants in on D.C. action.

MLB will call shots for club in offseasonThe Wash. Times

It could be a while before the team has a front office of its own. We can live with that for a little while, I suppose.

D.C. watchword: Restrained joyThe Wash. Times

Lots of folks with ties to the former Senators are quoted, including Frank Howard.

Few cry foul over idea of D.C. ballThe Sun

Baltimore’s city council could not get a symbolic resolution against D.C. baseball passed. Even Wild Bill Hagy is not getting worked up about it.

Expos-O’s television network consideredThe Sun

More about the proposed cable network to be shared by both franchises.

D.C. would cozy up to smaller stadiumThe Sun

Anacostia ballpark would follow intimate industry trend, seat 41,000

Like every ballpark built since 1992, a D.C. model would be like Camden Yards, only smaller. I do not think 41,000 seats are enough.

DuPuy: driving lawyer, fan, commissioner’s deputyThe Sun

A profile of Bobby DuPuy, who may be hours from becoming one of our newest heroes.

Plans in place to close up shop in Montreal, open up in WashingtonCP via Montreal Gazette

Details about closing up shop in Montreal and setting it up (from scratch) in D.C. They are going to have to throw this thing together, should the team come here, as expected. No matter, we will take a franchise that is held together with kite-string and chewing gum if we have to; the poor folks in Baltimore seem to endure that fairly well.

One Last Goodbye in Montreal for ExposThe Times

Another eulogy for Les Expos. One of the photos on the right makes me wish I had been able to find a Youppi plush when I was up there. He can come too!

Troubled Mets Turn to MinayaThe Times

Looks like GM Omar Minaya is choosing NYC instead of D.C. D’oh!


Joe Paterno press conference transcript: 9/28/04Post-Gazette

Read what Joe had to say. No update on his son-in-law, but it does not sound too good.

Penn State Notebook: Poor play of wideouts Paterno’s top concernPost-Gazette

We could use some help at tight end as well.

Robinson day-to-day after suffering concussion against WisconsinCDT

It does not look like he will play on Saturday or even suit up, he is not on the depth chart. It could be 3 – 4 weeks. He’s such a trooper too.

Penn State offense faces several questions this weekCDT

They probably face more than several.

Robinson fortunate to walk away from jarring hit SaturdayPost-Gazette

More on Mike Robinson, who is not out of the woods yet.

Paterno ponders time for MorelliPatriot-News

The Penn State nation is chomping at the bit for Anthony Morelli to get in their and play QB. I do not have any strong feelings on the matter. Also, Paterno thinks the WRs stink.

Nick Horvath, Jr.No brainerPatriot-News

Keeping Morelli on bench vs. Badgers was only call

A columnist in favor of keepin Morelli on the bench?! The message boards are not going to like this at all.

Lions remain focusedThe Collegian

We have heard this all before, maybe this time it will come true. Play for the breaks boys!


Peter MehlmanHow Winning the World Series Can Mean Losing YourselfThe Times

An excellent essay on how the Red Sox winning it all might be a tragedy of dreams come true for their fans. Too much of the New England character (except for Vermont of course, which is so damn high on itself and convinced of a uniqueness that probably does not actually exist) is based on the Red Sox “exquisite futility” and suddenly “not having the Sox to kick around anymore would be an adjustment.” Also whether you have a stake in the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry, listening to New England gloat about winning one world series in 90 years would get really tiresome.


Brad Stratton passes on word Mel Brooks is planning on a sequel to the 1987 classic, Spaceballs. We can only hope and imagine that it will be Spaceballs II: The Search for More Money. Who will play Barf though?

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