Baseball’s Back in Washington, But Diamond May Not Be Papers’ Best FriendEditor & Publisher

An E&P story about what is involved for the local newspapers in covering a D.C. team. Their costs are going to go up (and The Wash. Times are going to abandon the O’s) paying for more sports writers and adding an additional sports page. It could drive circulation up though.


Guest editor Fritz Hamme is concerned about stadium funding:

Tell me, do you think the stadium funding package that Williams wants to pass is going to falter? I have to confess, I’m worried about this, because I fear the worst-case scenario–that we could lose the Expos if the stadium financing deal somehow gets trounced.

Well, it is quite possible that the funding would not be passed, but I still expect it to go through, barely and with concessions. Mayor Williams is probably going to use just about all of his remaining political capital on this, but I think he knows that already, I do not see him running again anyway.

I have a feeling that even if the funding has trouble, the team is still coming here, particularly if MLB makes good on the promise to sell the team quickly. MLB, while having an ironclad contract does not want to have to shop the franchise again. If the Washington Baseball Club, LLC gets the team, I would say they are here for good, regardless of the stadium situation, at least initially.

Coalition Vows to Fight StadiumThe Post

More about the groups that think a ballpark is the reason why schools in D.C. are poor and people sleep on the streets.

Tom KnottTake me out to the Wilson BuildingThe Wash. Times

Columnist Tom Knott takes off the gloves and goes after those who oppose the ballpark. An interesting turnabout from the man who wrote with sympathy about those who might be displaced. This one is certain to draw a lot of angry criticism, if not protests at The Wash. Times building.

Collins weighs bid on ExposThe Wash. Times

Now that D.C. has been selected, VA baseball backer Bill Collins is changing his tune about where the team should be, but do not be too worried. Years ago, in ’91, I think, he tried to bring baseball to the District. I am not surprised he is considering a run at the team. It appears to me his Virginia stance was an effort to get around the Angelo$ factor. Do not be shocked if he gets the franchise, should he bid. He has lots of ties with baseball owners after working with them for so long.


Paterno press conference transcript: 10/05/04Post-Gazette

Read the whole thing here.

Paterno looking for someone to catch on at receiverCDT

“To this day,” Joe Paterno said Tuesday, “I think if (Michael) Robinson hadn’t gotten hurt, we may have won the last two games.”

That may be true, but putting it all on one player is risky. Also, I think this adds fuel to the fire that Mike Robinson will not the QB next year.

Freshmen becoming bigger part of LionsCDT

Things have gotten so bad, Paterno is acknowledging freshman by name, something he has never liked to do.

More from the Patriot-News: PSU’s Paterno turns to kids

Bob FloundersIn praise of Joe Tiller . . .Patriot-News

More about the Purdue coach who shook up the Big11Ten with “basketball on grass” and then got a big time defense. They are scary, but I am optimistic.

More from the Patriot-News: THE PENN STATE HOT LIST

Paterno blaming Lions’ wideouts for offensive woesPost-Gazette

Yes, they stink, but constantly scapegoating them for the losses is getting old. The trick is to play different people and give them a shot, which thankfully, is happening with true frosh Mark Rubin, who has potential.

Penn State to get close-up view of front-runner for the Heisman TrophyPost-Gazette

Remember the last time a Purdue Heisman candidate came to Happy Valley? I do and I can assure you that Drew Brees wishes he did not. The team and crowd will be fired up. Should be a good one.

Okay, I have to sign off, it is after 6 a.m. I might get more in later, if something catches my fancy.

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